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Dr. Andy Khawaja CEO of Allied Wallet Featured in the Financial Times:

Do you know what Allied Wallet is? Essentially, is a FinTech company that offers various payment alternatives in 196 countries. However, the Allied Wallet company is currently featured in the Financial Times piece titled “Africa’s New Wallet.”

The founder of Allied Wallet company Dr. Andy Khawaja is known for the efforts he had put into online payment solutions.  

“My objectives include creating jobs and encouraging people in becoming self-sufficient,” Dr. Andy Khawaja explained.

Allied Wallet Africa will be visiting Hisham Itani, Rwanda, Bilal Joueidi, N’Gunu Tiny, the Republic of Congo, and Aimable Mpore in the near future.

However, Hisham Itani told the Financial Times that “they have a collaboration with the Allied Wallet and it would improve the economy by providing the greatest banking options to the local population.”

They explore the region’s needs in the article, and Allied Wallet has the power to meet all of the region’s needs. “We aim to provide complete support to the youth in this digital era,” Dr. Andy Khawaja added. We believe that the youth play a crucial role in economic prosperity.”

Allied Wallet Africa and its team are now attempting to deliver incredible and new opportunities to the entire African continent.

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