Corrections Policy

In order to provide its audience with accurate and thorough news stories, relies on all the information available at the moment the news is reported. As soon as we become aware of any inaccuracies in the information on Our Website, we make every effort to address them as soon as possible.

In addition to rectifying the inaccuracy in our content, we provide a digital platform to run corrections and clarifications on Our social media accounts or to provide an editor’s note outlining the changes made and exactly what the issue was. If we make a significant error that could result in the spread of false information, we promptly and properly apologize to our readers.

Revision of a Report

If an article has been updated, we always acknowledge it in the notes section. Every time We amend an article to reflect feedback and updates from a stakeholder, or whenever We rectify a substantial error, it is crucial that We notify readers with a correction, clarification, or editor’s note.

When a factual error is discovered during our fact-check, we update the article as necessary and note in bold at the top of the page, “[Correction: updated Info…]” what was fixed. Additionally, we ask community members to report mistakes to, and we also give readers the option to recommend edits at the end of each article.