Places That Buy Junk Cars

Whether you choose junking or fixing your dead downed car, there are considerable pros and cons to it. However, in most cases, many car owners prefer taking their cars to the junkyards than returning them on the road themselves because the financial commitments outweigh the benefits.

Every year, at least 12 million unusable cars get junked in scrap yards across the United States. The owners of these cars get hundreds of dollars in return and a free garage that they can appropriate to other uses. You too can benefit by calling the junkyards today.

Here are the top 5 places to dispose your old car for cash:

Tuner’s Auto Wrecking (

This nationally-renowned salvage yard located in Fresno, California, covers over 70 acres of land close Fresno, in Central Valley. California. It has over 10,000 different cars on its books and a gigantic parts warehouse. The entire yard is bulging with parts and husks, ultra-obscure and mainstream, dating from as far back as 1920s to today. The best thing is that they are still buying dead cars, so you can call them for a yours.

Auto Auction Mall (

Auto Auction Mall is very much like eBay Motors and perfect for anyone looking for a junk car marketplace for any kind of vehicle, classic or latest. This is one of the largest databases of salvage, used cars, and pre-owned cars in the country. Enthusiasts can peruse through online auctions for almost any type of vehicle or motorsport car that they want. Because an unlimited variety of options are available, the buyer may customize what they are looking for and find exactly what they need.

If you are looking for the gold standard site for auto sales, then you should try out They are known to syndicate their listings widely and have a large inventory. When you take your car to – whether you wish to get money from it or prefer the free listing option – your listing may end up syndicated on their associated sites (,, and Another benefit is that they offer a quick sale option, so if you want to move your car fast, you can.

eBay Motors

Not many years ago, eBay was Mecca for those looking for old or rare items that you couldn’t find on Amazon or anywhere else. It still is, but has since diversified its listings to include cars, from old and rare to those that are relatively new but worth seeking. If you are already familiar with the workings of eBay and you want to make money from your unused car locally (which most people do because so that their faraway buyers don’t have to coordinate car transportation), then selling your car on eBay Motors may be the best option for you.

Putting up a car advert is easy. National listings are charged between $60 and $125 while local listings can be put up free of charge. According to figures released by eBay, most vehicles of the sales take place locally although national sales takes a considerable share as well. Are there drawbacks to listing your vehicle on eBay? Just a few, one of them being that bids placed on the vehicles are non-binding, meaning the buyer may easily back out at any point for any reason.

Car Cash

Car Cash has been in used car business since 1977. They call themselves United States’ original vehicle buying service provider as well as the quickest way to put your car on sale online. The company is headquartered in New York, but serves car sellers and buyers in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Jersey as well as the home state. They will list your car immediately you show up in their office and you could find a buyer within 20 minutes of listing it. They also offer free instant quotes over the web or phone to their clients.


There are more than enough of junkyards in the country, but you need to consider a few factors when choosing one that’s appropriate for your car. Some of the things you need to bear in mind is the asking price, whether they junkyard will tow your car away or will require you to tow it yourself (some online-based yards support local listings), and if there are any other costs involved in the process. Also, check the kind of paperwork required by the junk buyer.

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