Why People Go For Better Battery Backup Phones

The primary thought on a smartphone owner’s mind, or a person who is about to buy one, is the battery life. There are so many articles you can find on the world wide web about battery life, how to save it, prolong it and buy a phone that ensures it at any cost. The popular subject of “battery life” has gained notoriety, because the last thing that people want to do is charge their phones over and over again. 

There are several ways to increase battery life of the phone, one being to put it on a power saver mode. Still, many don’t do this, and use phones so much that they don’t remember to charge them in time. The better way to resolve this is to own phones that come with better batteries that are known for their superior capacity and less charging times. These days, the new 6000mAh battery phones are guaranteed to keep your phone alive longer, and are also affordable. There are certain features of phone batteries that determine how long they will last and how durable they are overall.

Battery Capacity

The most revealing and obvious influence on the life of a battery is the battery capacity. Simply put, the greater the mAh, the longer it’s likely to last. Most phones with a large battery are physically quite large too. If you want a smaller phone, you’ll have to sacrifice the battery capacity. You can get good smartphones under 30,000 INR, promising gargantuan battery size and life. Among these, the brand that stands out the most is Samsung (M30s phone), which offers phones with a 6,000mAh battery. The Mi CC9 Pro also has a 6,000mAh battery size, but you’ll get a sleek appearance with this device. 


Displays with more advanced resolution may drain your battery faster, but not if you have a phone with 6,000mAh battery. Larger screens cover more of a surface area, and these are bigger spaces that need to be lit for longer periods. Normally, these phones can accommodate large 6,000mAh batteries, so there’s not much of a trade off here. Displays use up a large chunk of the stored charge in a smartphone, and the higher the resolution, the more the charge used. The brighter the phone, the more battery usage.

A battery’s life also depends on the rate the phone refreshes. Refresh rates are representative of how frequently a screen refreshes itself. This is measured in hertz (Hz). Newer phones unders 30000 refresh at 90Hz to 120Hz. That means that a phone like this refreshes 50% to 100% more often than other regular phones that have refresh rates of 60Hz. The 6,000mAh battery takes care of this issue on most smartphones that it supports, such as the Mi Max (3) by Xiaomi. 


Connections play an important role in the functioning of today’s new smartphones. The typical ones that are common in everyday lives are data, Bluetooth, the signal of the phone, Wi-Fi and location tools. Most often, these are enabled and remain unused. They drain batteries in the course of a day and people don’t remember to switch them off. With a robust, massive battery, this problem can be solved but only to an extent, and it helps to turn them off if you’re not actively using them.

When your phone gets a weak signal, it draws power out of your battery too. You can’t really do anything to resolve this as the solution is dependent on external factors, but having a strong battery helps. With bad reception, the phone is prone to checking the connection more and more, and the battery is drained as a result. 

In a phone with a large battery backup such as Doogee’s S68 Pro model, the large battery takes care of this from the get go. In addition to this, downloading things like videos and files also drain charge from your battery, so having a 6,000mAh backup is a good idea. 


No matter how strong and big your battery is, it needs a chipset to match to be effective. With every new phone that comes out, chipsets get faster, smoother and more powerful – this facilitates efficient use of the phone overall, including supporting the battery. Xiaomi’s phones under 30,000 INR come with Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon processors, and this goes great with the large batteries the phones are fitted with.

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