Wearing jewelry is a part of the overall costume. To take into account the texture, color and style of the clothing worn. And strive to make jewelry in the match, style, complement each other, in order to complement each other.


With a decent piece of jewelry not only for the image points, but also to make yourself more confident. Let’s talk about how to match clothing and jewelry, so you can be beautiful anytime, anywhere!


Jewelry and clothes matching

  1. The set is simple in color, simple style, you can wear a more decorative Friendship necklace to reduce the heavy, dull feeling brought by the set.


  1. Suits, the neck is fully exposed, suitable for wearing a certain luster, the shape of a larger necklace. This can reduce the hard straight line sense of the suit suit.


  1. The collar is a more closed suit, you can choose to wear a longer necklace, the necklace hanging outside the collar of the suit. Eye-catching long necklace can not only increase the overall slender beauty, but also can add a touch of lightness to the clothing.


  1. winter clothing: the choice of necklace can correspond to the characteristics of winter, the shape can be diversified, with bright colors, reflecting the warm winter style.


  1. Summer clothing: choosing jewelry should not choose the large, complex shape of the jewelry style, to avoid giving a sense of heaviness. Wave ring with the ocean atmosphere is a recommended choice.


  1. The range of daily wear is large and diverse, and the jewelry and jade necklaces are very easy to match, with the ornamental and unique personality of the necklace, and can be matched together to form a simple and fashionable style.


  1. Dress and jewelry matching. The dress is mostly to attend the more solemn occasions of the dress, such as receptions, weddings, parties, and other formal activities, so choose more expensive, fashionable jewelry to match it. You can wear some bright and eye-catching jewelry, such as diamond earrings, gold wave ring, diamond brooch, ruby pendant, etc., so that it will show a superb, noble and gorgeous temperament. For the dress, dazzling and fashionable diamond jewelry is the most suitable, and is never the wrong choice.


  1. Classical clothing and jewelry matching. Classical clothing rhyme, jewelry such as small flowers arranged bracelets, finely carved rings, tight neck pearl necklace, coin-sized buckle earrings, etc. can be matched with the ancient typical texture of the clothing, that is, reflect the traditional boudoir style, but also a full classical queen model.


  1. Casual wear and jewelry matching. Home tour leisure, should also pay attention to the mode of wearing jewelry and match with clothing, in these informal places, wear colorful gemstones and semi-precious stones jewelry with design, and casual clothing with each other, bland in revealing a different flavor.


  1. Professional dress and jewelry matching. Professional dress is the workplace women’s dress code at work, mainly suits and uniforms. Reflecting the dignified, competent temperament, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches, rings can be worn. But the shape of jewelry should not be too complicated, you should choose the right size, simple shape lines, moderate fashion jewelry. It is not appropriate to choose colorful, fancy, cheap jewelry, easy to give a sense of frivolity.


  1. Casual wear and jewelry matching. Now casual wear jewelry has become a trend, diamond jewelry is more relaxed and bright, full of fun and aura of the new attitude into the ordinary dress life of modern people. Such as T-shirts, machine shirts, or general dresses, when wearing some of the main stones is not too prominent by the general gemstones or artificial stones set jewelry, such as diamonds, garnets, etc. is more harmonious.

Matching jewelry with face shape

How to choose the style and shape of jewelry to match the shape of your face, so as to highlight your personal charm? The principle is that the shape of the jewelry should not duplicate your face shape, nor should it be the extreme opposite of it.


  1. The chin of a melon face is more pointed, so it is suitable to wear earrings with a “lower edge larger than the upper edge” and a necklace that produces a “round effect” when worn.


  1. For round faces, choose rectangular or teardrop earrings that can shape the length effect, and for necklaces, choose V-shaped decorations to elongate the face line.


  1. For long faces, choose earrings with horizontal designs such as round, square and scalloped that subtly increase the width and reduce the length of the face. Choose necklaces with a “round effect” or short necklaces.


  1. For square triangles, choose earrings with the “top edge larger than the bottom edge”.
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