Are you planning on getting a new tattoo in the next few months? If so, you should ask your tattooist about white ink. It’s not something you see every time you walk down the street, so it’s perfect for anyone who wants a unique look.

Just make sure you research white ink tattoos before getting any work done. Even though they’re similar to traditional black ink tattoos, there are a few differences you should know about. We’ll look at some of the major ones right now.

  • White Ink Is Easy To Hide

If you want a Toronto tattoo Blackline Studio offers designs everyone will love, but white ink tattoos are easier to hide. That’s good if you work in certain industries, but bad if you want something noticeable.

Your tattoo will be hard to see unless people are standing next to you, especially if the designs are pretty complicated. If you have a darker skin tone it’s more visible, so you’ll need to stick with black ink if you want to blend in.

  • Combining White And Black

Guys might be scared of getting a pure white tattoo because they’re only usually seen on females. If you like the look of white ink, you could get a tattoo with white and black ink. It looks great when you combine the colors.

If you search on Google, you’ll find lots of examples that should hopefully inspire you. You can actually use white ink to touch up an old tattoo, so you don’t need to get a new one. It could make your old ones look much better.

  • It Looks Like Scarification

Scarification has become popular in recent years, but it’s still terrifying to some people. If you don’t want to burn scars into your skin, white ink tattoos can be a good alternative because the final result is similar.

Once white tattoos start to fade away, people will confuse small ones with scars. That only applies if you have a lighter skin tone. White ink won’t look like scars on dark skin tones, so it isn’t an alternative to scarification.

  • It’s Never Completely White

Most white ink photos you see online were taken straight after they were inked. It’s why the tattoos look as white as A4 paper. In reality, the color won’t look as bright once your skin’s had a chance to heal.

Even though white ink is pretty thick, it has a transparent consistency and will never look as bright as other ink colors, like yellow and green. It still looks good, especially if you combine it with Maria Tash body jewelry.

  • Adding A Little Luminous Ink

If you want your ink to stand out in certain places, you can add some luminous ink. When you’re in a nightclub, your tattoo will glow in the dark. It will work whenever you’re in dark rooms with ultraviolet lights.

Luminous ink comes in colors like green, blue, red, yellow, and orange. If your tattooist is creative, they’ll be able to create unbelievable designs. Everyone who gets a white tattoo should add a touch of glow-in-the-dark ink.

Speak To A Tattoo Artist

Speak to a good tattoo artist if you need more information about white ink tattoos. There are many options for people who want to try something different.

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