American comedian and motivational speaker Tobiase Carvel Washington, or Tobiase Carvel, with the TikTok handle “darealtobiasecarvell,” makes comedy skits, motivational speeches, vlogs, pranks, and more content, including videos in which he answers questions from his followers. This social media sensation can watch on several social media, which include TikTok, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. He is well known for his viral TikTok videos, motivational speeches, and for being on the 53rd episode of the 3rd season of the show “Judge Jerry.” In this article, we will review his social media presence.

Tobiase Carvel On TikTok

Tobiase Carvel uses the handle “darealtobiasecarvell” on TikTok. He posted his first TikTok video in mid-2020, which was also comedic. Since then, he has posted constantly, is now standing at an astounding 235,000 followers, and has collected an amount of over 4.4 million likes. Most of his TikTok content is comedy skits and pranks, while there are dances, stitches, and occasional QnAs.

Tobiase Carvel On Facebook

Tobias is very active on Facebook, with a following of 228,000. He uses the name Tobiase Carvel, where he posts a lot of stuff, including his usual pranks, comedy skits, general life vlogs, and boosts posts like when a child needs financial support for surgery. He also streams his motivational speeches and often talks with his followers on Facebook.

Tobiase Carvel On Instagram

He is pretty active on Instagram but does not post a lot. His Instagram account name is tobiasecarvell as well. Most of the posts are videos and pictures of himself dancing or rocking a beautiful outfit. He has amassed 25,000 followers on Instagram. He has 9 posts on Instagram, and his first post is over a year old. To no one’s surprise, he is very loved by all his followers, whether on Insta, Facebook, or TikTok.

Tobiase Carvel On Youtube

Tobiase also has a youtube channel, with a subscriber count of 3,200 but a view count of 56,000. He started his youtube channel in September 2019 and has posted some of his pranks, Q/As, and vlogs there. Some of his videos are over 30 minutes long, while some are under a minute short. She is the least active on Youtube, with only 6 videos out. Tobiase’s Youtube channel’s name is Tobiase Carvel, much like her other account names.

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