Allied Wallet is the best online payment solution company. The CEO Andy Khawaja and its company were presented with the appreciation certificate. It is because they show devotion and donations to the U.S paralyzed Veterans. 


It is a fact that the Allied wallet company and its CEO Andy Khawaja always support the U.S veterans because of too many reasons. They are supporting them from previous many years to till now and a large part of their outreach has been fixed for the Veterans of the U.S.  


The next amazing thing about the Allied Wallet company and its CEO Andy Khawaja is that they contribute to the different groups like the After-School All-Stars, ASACP, Wounded Warrior Project, From the Heart Productions, Eagle and Badge Foundation, Los Angeles Police Canine Association, STAR Team for the Children, American Red Cross, Action Innocence, Hope for Change International, and Brent Shapiro Foundation.


Dr Andy Khawaja said that “we know that it is our responsibility that we have to give some part of our Fintech success to the U.S paralyzed Veterans and other groups. Groups always respect those people who have protect our freedom and gives us a chance to do successful business as we are doing now.” He also said that “we will always be grateful for this type of freedom.”


Allied Wallet runs a business in which they connect both buyers and sellers and also provide them with an opportunity to transact online safely. Dr Andy Khawaja also said that “Veterans of U.S protects the freedom of all people and they also give us a chance to enjoy the freedom like online shopping and others.” However, the CEO of Allied Wallet company Dr Andy Khawaja proudly accepted the award and appreciate it.

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