Dr Andy Khawaja the CEO of the Allied Wallet company discusses the present state of the e-commerce market and also the Allied Wallet company’s success, a famous online payment solution provider. He discusses all these things in the “Start Your Business Magazine” in the article “The Boss.”

We all know that Dr. Andy Khawaja is the CEO of the Allied Wallet company. Basically, this company provides the best online payment solutions, other than this they also provide the PCI Level 1 secured payment gateway, online credit card processing, and multi-currency merchant services. If we talk about this in simple words then they mobile devices and different websites to accept the payments. 

However, Dr. Andy Khwaja also discusses the business practice and also different types of considerations that are essential to follow for accepting online payments. Dr. Andy Khawaja said that “It was a difficult work to attend meetings knowing that the bank was far behind in the perspective of the technical part so, the first part was to educate them about different protocols and systems.”

It was not an easy task to take e-commerce internationally, parenting with the different banks for the transactions process and also for secure solutions. But the hard work and dedication of Andy Khawaja drove the Allied Wallet company to success. 

Other than this, Dr. Andy Khwaja said that when other companies’ CEOs are busy buying yachts and playing golfs, at that time I am flying the entire world to make sure that the card payment solutions of the Allied Wallet becomes successful and remains forefront. I won’t rest until I have changed the transaction of the e-commerce concept.

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