A handy additional function in iOS 16 is the ability to transmit an eSIM across iPhones through Bluetooth when establishing a wireless connection.

When you hit “Setup process eSIM” in the Options application on an iPhone operating iOS 16, users will see an opportunity to transmit an eSIM and its related contact information from some more to it iPhone through Bluetooth. To transmit an eSIM from any iPhone, be certain it is close, accessible, has Bluetooth switched on, and is operating iOS 16 or above, according to Apple.

Although the capability seems to be accessible in several nations, such as America and the British, Bluetooth transmissions of eSIMs supplied by operators that enable the function are solely feasible with providers that enable the function.

Considering that iOS 16 was just released several weeks earlier and is still in beta, operator compatibility might be restricted for the time being. Apple still maintains to offer the relatively conventional method of activating an eSIM by detecting a company’s QR barcode.

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The eSIM is an electronic phone that lets users renew a service’s mobile service despite needing to utilize a real microchip. The iPhone XS and subsequent versions accept a solo eSIM, whereas all multiple iPhone 13 versions allow two eSIMs. iOS 16’s initial official beta was released previously this week, and a general beta will be accessible in July.

Apple has announced that iOS 16 will be launched in the autumn and that all customers would be allowed to utilize the enhanced eSIM transferring capability.

Anyone may use Bluetooth to transmit an eSIM among iPhones following downloading the iOS 16 upgrade on any Apple product. The feature is presently available in a number of countries, including the British and America. Nevertheless, eSIM transmissions over Bluetooth are just feasible if the operator allows this feature. This could require a considerable period for all customers to have access to the capability.

To transmit an eSIM from an iPhone to the next, go to Settings > Cellular > Established eSIM and choose Import from some iPhone from the drop-down menu. Ensure that all smartphones are operating iOS 16, are opened, and have Bluetooth enabled.

It is worthwhile mentioning that the stored procedure functionality might be restricted by the leading telecommunications carrier’s authorization.

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