Although it may be difficult to imagine Goku and Frieza cooperating for anything other than a universe-saving multiversal tournament, the two actually (and unintentionally) invented Dragon Ball’s deadliest attack, which was developed by a completely different character: Cell.

Dr. Gero used numerous DNA samples from Dragon Ball’s top combatants to artificially conceive CellCell, a bio-android that was then developed. Dr. Gero (a former Red Ribbon Army scientist) built a little robot that he used to follow Goku around from that point on after Goku destroyed the Red Ribbon Army as a toddler. Nearly everyone Goku came into touch with was also subject to DNA collection by the robot, including Piccolo, Vegeta, and even Frieza. The strongest cells in Dragon Ball ran through Cell’sCell’s artificial veins, giving him some of the most potent powers at the time of his “birth,” That was only the beginning of his progression.

After absorbing Androids 17 and 18, Cell in Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball chapter 411 has unlocked the transformation of Perfect Cell. The cell is currently organizing the fabled Cell Games, a competition where the world’s best fighters go head-to-head with CellCell; if CellCell prevails, he will end the world. Cell and Gohan are squaring off against one another in this chapter. Gohan has recently attained Super Saiyan 2. The villain attempted to outwit the young hero to claim victory because Gohan was significantly stronger than CellCell due to his newly discovered power.

Gohan was standing on the surface of the Earth Cell flew up into the air, charged his ki for a Kamehameha, and directed it straight down at him. Gohan had two options: stop the explosion with his body and perish or evade it and bring the entire world to an end because this strike was powerful enough to destroy the Earth.

The CellCell is the ideal combination of Goku and Frieza from Dragon Ball.

In this chapter of Dragon Ball, Cell acts in the same way that Frieza would in a similar circumstance. Cell’s strategy to defeat a single opponent involved the potential devastation of an entire planet. Cell carried out his logic, which he unquestionably inherited from Frieza to its horrifying conclusion using the raw power he acquired from Goku. Goku was the one who accidentally gifted CellCell the capacity to wipe out an entire planet with a single blast when CellCell stole the Kamehameha from him.

Gohan defeats Cell’s Kamehameha Wave, but that doesn’t change the fact that CellCell would have destroyed the Earth if Gohan weren’t a Super Saiyan 2 to win this conflict. The CellCell receives the Dragon Ball’s most lethal strike by combining elements of both Frieza and Goku, as Goku gave him the power to destroy an entire universe. In contrast, Frieza gave him the motivation to do it.

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