Are you planning to buy the motorhome of your dreams? Do not decide until you have checked its VIN. This unique identifier reveals a lot about the past and present of any vehicle in the United States. One simple check will give you peace of mind, as you will know the purchase is safe.

Buying a trailer, motorhome or fifth wheel is a big decision. With an RV history check, you will find out about any damages, accidents, recalls, and defects in the vehicle’s history. Here is how. 

Where to Find the Number

Most often, VINs are imprinted on the tongue. Examine the hitch and weight distribution bars. If the code is not there, examine the following locations to leave no stone unturned.

  • Around the door frames (the back and other parts).
  • Inside the trailer (possibly, in nooks and crannies).
  • The underside in the front and rear.
  • The exterior of the RV (this is less likely, as the number may be damaged or scraped off by accident).
  • The sides and bottoms of slide-outs (the least probable, but not impossible).  

After finding the number, write it down. Note that VINs never include the following letters — O, I, and Q. This is because they can be easily mistaken for numbers. Double-check the code. 

Where to Get the Report

If you want to uncover the history of an RV, there are three main options. You can get a report for free or for a modest payment. If you do not want to visit any dealerships or offices, try running the check online. This is the most convenient way, but access may be limited.


Your local DMV is the first place to look at. This institution has access to a broad database of information connected to the RV in question. Give them a call or pay a visit. To get the service, you may need to provide your ID and pay a modest fee. This depends on the state.

Trailer Dealerships

Try contacting a local dealership that sells the same type of trailers. They may help you if they have connections to the manufacturer of the brand. The employees may obtain the necessary report straight away or contact the producer to get the information. 

Online Services

This is the easiest way to get a history report. A range of online resources can pull up a wealth of information. This is quick and convenient — just enter the number and run the check. However, there is just one downside.

These systems were made for VIN checks, but not for trailers. As a result, not all of them are registered in the index. If you fail with the check online, you can always contact the related dealership or DMV. Eventually, you are guaranteed to find the necessary specifics, but the methods may vary. 

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