The $800 One RS 1-inch 360 Edition is Insta360’s highest costly and most capable customer 360 camera so far. The reason for the confusing nomenclature is that this phone’s base is identical to that of Insta360’s ONE RS, the firm’s latest iteration of its customizable sports cameras, which debuted in April of this season. However, the 1-inch 360 version includes a modified dual 1-inch CMOS detector and a bigger power connection. An installation adapter holds everything all together to form a much more powerful 6K 360 lens.

At the beginning of 2020, with the announcement of the One R, Insta360 made a significant wager on the flexible lens concept. This was the only sports camcorder to allow a variety of lens modifications for various recording techniques. A 1-inch modification that could record 5.3K movie, a conventional 4K modification that resembled classic adventure shooters such as the GoPro Hero 8, and a dual-lens 360 cameras modification that could record 5.7K hemispheric television, similar to Insta360’s freestanding 360 camcorders at the moment, the One X, were also available. For intervention enthusiasts who might be interested in 360-degree filmmaking yet do not need to spend in a specialized 360 lens, the unique structure seemed ideal.

What’s New

Two years afterwards, in March 2020, Insta360 unveiled the One RS, that enhanced the One R’s Wi-Fi transmission rates and headphone performance while also boosting the system’s computing capability. So at point, it seemed such a fairly little change, and today that the One RS 1-inch 360 Edition has been released, it makes much better logic. The One RS’s 1-inch 360 lens uses the identical relatively similar base as the One RS, which is identical. Additionally, users of the RS and R may spend $650 on the power, base plate, and two 1-inch 360-degree scanners alone.

A rubber mounted brackets, a power block with a USB recharging connection, a 14″ tripod mounted, and a USB-C connector to link to the center, a center with a USB connection, a micro SD disk reader, and a 1.3-inch monitor, and two 1-inch CMOS cameras and optics make up the One RS 1-inch 360 Series. This produces the 6K 360 lens once it is layered and fitted into its enclosure.

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