According to reports, the upcoming iPhone 14, which will be released in September 2022, will offer faster charging.

If the rumours are accurate, the next model will likely feature a new design, giving the iPhone a new identity.

Other Android competitors charge at a faster rate than the iPhone, and the world’s most recognised smartphone company is now considering how to remedy the problem.

For example, Oppo introduced 150W SuperVooc, a breakthrough technology that can charge phones up to 50% faster in only five minutes. Within 15 minutes, the smartphone may be recharged to 100% capacity.

Apple, on the other hand, intends to place a greater emphasis on battery economy. As a result, the iPhone 14 will take longer to charge.
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According to BGR, it appears to be conceivable because the iPhone 13 pro max has the greatest battery thus far.
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This is due to the iPhone 13 models being 0.25mm thicker, according to the company.

Because battery size is so important to its efficiency, this increased size and type may allow the next iPhone’s battery to outperform its predecessors.

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