In the current Star Wars series from Marvel, a dark Luke Skywalker moment uncovers an intriguing link between the Jedi and the Sith. Even though the Sith and the Jedi have a long history of conflict, they split off from the Jedi and later developed their society and principles. Luke’s moment of weakness demonstrates that the Jedi and Sith continue to have an unbreakable bond despite their centuries-long animosity and abysmal antagonism toward one another.

Many spiritual traditions that use the Force in the Star Wars universe use it in its uncorrupted form, while others use the dark side, which is a perversion of the Force. The Sith Order is the deadliest shady side organization, while the Jedi Order is the most potent, well-known, and influential organization that uses the Force. Even though the Sith ruled the galaxy at the time of the original trilogy, the Jedi continued to exist thanks to the Jedi Purge survivors and future Jedi like Luke Skywalker.

In Charles Soule and Andrés Genolet’s 2020 Star Wars comic book issue 30, Luke Skywalker struggles to use the Force to save Lando Calrissian, which he attributes to “ripples” in the Force that interfere with his focus. It is in line with Qi’ra using the Fermata Cage to try to destroy the Sith Order in the parallel Hidden Empire comic book series. Using the Fermata Cage causes disturbances in the Force that are intended to confuse the Sith but which unmistakably also impact the Jedi, demonstrating that even though both parties use the Force differently, they are still susceptible to its changes.

The Fermata Cage Weakens Luke Skywalker’s Force Powers

An imbalance in the Force is inherent to the Sith and their usage of the dark side. According to George Lucas and as demonstrated in the original and prequel Star Wars trilogies, the dark side is an unnatural perversion of the Force. Even though they use a perverted form of this energy, the Sith are ultimately still drawing on the same cosmic energy as the Jedi. Due to this, both Qi’ra and the Fermata Cage will be impacted by any disturbances in the Force.

Of course, eliminating the authority of the Jedi and Sith is not always negative for Qi’ra, who wishes to overthrow the Sith because they have too much power rather than necessarily because of how they wield it. In the most recent Star Wars: Revelations, Vader was warned of an impending threat to the Force that would endanger the Jedi and Sith equally.

A Force attack affects both Jedi and Sith alike.

Luke Skywalker prioritizes his friends and family above all else. Hence the fact that he had trouble using his abilities to help Lando—now a close friend and ally—is evidence of how risky and effective Qi’ra’s acts are. The Sith may unbalance the Force and oppress the galaxy’s inhabitants, but Qi’ra’s strategies put the galaxy in danger since they restrict the talents of all Force users. Although the remaining episodes of the Star Wars saga demonstrate that Qi’ra’s plan is ineffective, the fact that her activities accidentally damaged Luke Skywalker demonstrates that the Jedi and Sith have more in common than most people realize.

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