Kang the Conqueror encounters his greatest struggle to date in the most recent issue of Marvel Comics’ Timeless one-shot, as he goes up against a group of fresh heroes who are out to destroy him. Kang is looking for “The Missing Point,” a seemingly unreachable moment in time, and he thinks that finding it would lead to a reward that the greatest explorer can only win. Kang’s efforts are, however, halted by Marvel’s brand-new Twilight Court.

Kang meets Myrddin, a strange new adversary who is also searching for The second annual Timeless one-shot, “Missing Moment,” by Jed MacKay, Greg Land, Jay Leisten, Patch Zircher, & Salvador Larroca. The Twilight Court is a group of advanced counterparts inspired by the stories of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table that Myrddin has assembled after reaching the same conclusion as Kang that only heroes can find the moment.

The purpose of Marvel’s New Twilight Court was to kill Kang.

Kang defeats Artur in the battle to win a case strongest champion Parsifal after battling each member of the Twilight Court and traveling across time (filled with spoilers for what will happen in 2023). As a result, Myrddin to forced to use his hands to stab Kang in the back, which may have killed the Conqueror because he was exhausted by the other members of the Twilight Court. To carry out a last-ditch strategy, though, Kang sent himself to null-time using his last remaining piece of technology.

By the issue’s conclusion, Myrddin teases that, now that he has ostensibly eliminated Kang from the situation, his search for the “Missing Moment” would proceed. He also asserts that if Kang had realized who he was dealing with, the Conqueror would have been astonished. Could Myrddin be, like Rama-Tut or Immortus, a different version of Kang?

It is abundantly evident that Kang the Conqueror’s battle with Myrddin is far from done as he seeks out his heroes to find the “Missing Moment.” Though time will tell when Marvel enters the new year, it’s feasible that Kang will enlist a new iteration of the Avengers. Timeless (2022) #1 of Marvel Comics is currently available.

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