Today, foresters can rely on various sciences, including geology, dendrology, biology, and hydrology, to study flora, fauna, and potential problems for effective forest management. In addition, various innovative technologies and tools are also being introduced into modern forestry, including drones, satellites, sensors, software for monitoring forest stands, and much more.

The revolution in modern forestry has occurred due to the development of sensory and other innovative technologies. These technologies allow foresters to collect relevant data and manage forest lands more effectively. The introduction of innovations allows obtaining valuable information and using it to allocate resources and take timely action to protect forests.

5 Innovations for Conservation

Conservationists use AI-based software to track forest loss. The programs provide real-time rainfall data. This data allows you to predict how green a particular area should be and then compare the forecast with satellite images of the habitat. Differences down to every pixel that experts can see between the predicted and the observed make it possible to assess the impact of human activity on the environment. AI programs use a neural network and learn from the analysis. As a result, they can determine what actual levels of greenery correspond to rainfall during the year.

Drones have long ceased to be strange things from science fiction films, and now they can be seen in any city park. Conservationists have also quickly realized that a drone could be an effective tool for various purposes. With this tool, you can observe those places that are difficult to access for people and make it possible not to interfere with the habitat for observation. The drone makes it possible to monitor the fauna and flora state in remote areas that are not accessible to humans.

Camera traps are another tool available to foresters. With their help, you can follow various species of animals and rare birds. It provides an opportunity to gain knowledge about the habits of nocturnal animals. Camera traps also allow site managers to observe wildlife movement in conservation easements. Non-professional photographers can get shots that rival professional wildlife shots.

Remote forest mapping using a laser, called lidar, is an effective method to measure the effects of logging. This process involves using a specially equipped aircraft that emits light pulses and measures the time it takes for these pulses to reflect off vegetation. At the moment, the use of this technology is not always cost-effective due to the high cost. However, prices may decrease, and lidar will become a reliable monitoring tool for foresters.

Collecting data and obtaining valuable information from forests is an essential aspect of modern forestry. Data collection and processing methods are becoming more and more advanced. Sound tomography allows foresters to see trees from the inside using sound waves. In this way, the size and health of trees can be measured to ensure the well-being of forest areas.

Satellites and modern mapping technologies provide a vast opportunity for arborists to expand their understanding of forests worldwide and the changes that occur in them over time. Satellite imagery has made it possible to monitor illegal logging and the state of forests and showed nine percent more forests in the world than previously thought.

Some products offer all-in-one forestry solutions that can help to monitor forests, collect and analyze the collected data. EOS Data Analytics offers EOS Forest Monitoring, a software that allows the users to monitor the health of the forests remotely. This tool makes monitoring clearings and carrying out an inventory remotely. In addition, with the help of this software, users monitor the entire supply chain and can make more rational and reliable business decisions.

Users can also set up and receive notifications to be informed about various forest changes. This tool is universal and contributes to forming a sustainable approach to forestry. EOS Forest Monitoring enables you to save time, resources, and money by making better forest management decisions.

Upcoming Forestry Conferences

The International Research Conference Aims and Objectives

This international conference on forest science and technology brings together leading researchers and scientists involved in various aspects of forest science and technology. Researchers, practitioners, and educators gain access to a first-class interdisciplinary platform. Within the framework of this platform, trends, innovative approaches, technologies, and various solutions to pressing problems in the field of forestry can be presented and discussed.

8th Edition of Global Congress on Plant Biology and Biotechnology

It is an annual event where botanists and researchers meet to share their expertise in plant sciences. Magnus Group will hold an event in Singapore in March 2023. The theme of the upcoming congress will be “Ensuring sustainable development and global transformation through the most important advances in plant science.” As part of this event, such pressing global problems as environmental degradation and food security will be discussed. Plants play a crucial role not only in production, but also in a healthy climate. The demand for food is increasing, so the challenge for humanity is not only to increase the amount of food but also to move towards sustainable crop production to reduce the negative impact on the climate. 

The International Forest Policy Meeting (IFPM)

IFPM is held twice a year, bringing together scientists involved in forests and forest policy. This event is organized by the European Forest Institute’s Governance Programme in cooperation with several other relevant organizations. It is held free of charge in the virtual space. This time the meeting will be devoted to the interaction of politics, science, and the media in matters related to forest policy.

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