The Elefrog Pokémon from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, Bellibolt, is one of the newest Special Attackers to be added to the list of Pokémon capable of participating in a Tera Raid. Bellibolt is a single Electric-type Pokémon with an extensive selection of supportive moves and average health that can enable it to survive for several turns. Tera Raid has the Generation 9 ability Electromophosis, which allows it to charge up Electric-type attacks to one-shot its foe. Bellibolt has a type advantage over Pokémon of the Flying or Water types; thus, in any Pokémon encounter, you might want to use it against those Pokémon.

Trainers can either catch Bellibolt’s pre-evolution Tadbulb and evolve it after discovering Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s Thunder Stone or catch it on its own during Tera Raids. All in the Paldea region, Tadbulb can be found next to water sources, beside rivers or marshes.

Finding a Bellibolt on its own is simple yet uncommon if the trainer opts not to capture and train a new Tadbulb. Watery regions, including South Province (Area Four), South Province (Area Six), Casseroya Lake, East Province (Area 3), and Glaseado Mountain, are among the places in Paldea where you can find spawns.

Bellibolt’s Ability and Nature, chosen

In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, the ability Electromophosis must be on a Bellibolt Tera Raid build. Use an Ability Capsule, which you may acquire via Tera Raids or the Chansey Supply Store if it isn’t already on Bellibolt. Use a Nature Mint in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet to modify Bellibolt’s nature after giving it the appropriate ability. Modest’s Special Attack increases, but its Physical Attack is decreased, greatly benefiting Bellibolt.

Spread for Bellibolt Builds’ IV and EV

In addition to its highest base numbers, Bellibolt has simple Individual and Effort Values. Bellibolt has a base HP of 109 and a Special Attack of 103, which suggests that during raids, if the Pokémon is fighting anything that can hit it vitally, it should be able to survive because of its bulk. This information comes from the Pokémon Database. It also implies that Bellibolt, if built upon it, can cause some very serious harm. Similar to this, all Individual Values (IVs) learned during Hyper Training in Pokémon Scarlet, and Violet should be maxe out at 31 IVs, except Attack. Bellibolt’s effort values should distribute 252 HP, 252 Special Attack, and the remaining in Defense.

Bellibolt moves to use in order.

Set up an Electric Terrain at the beginning of the first turn of a Tera Raid while using Bellibolt to boost it and set up the Quark Driveability of the Future Paradox Pokémon. In Tera Raids, Electric Terrain also keeps Pokémon awake, giving trainers more rounds. Then, on Turn 2, use Parabolic Charge to gain health during the raid or Charge Beam to improve Special Attack.

Slack Off, which has healing abilities, can also be used in place of Parabolic Charge, according to BGaming. Set up Rain using Rain Dance on Turns 3 or 4 so Bellibolt can 100% hit with Thunder. Finally, in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s Tera Raids, 100% Thunder strikes the adversary to maximize the power of the ability Electromorphosis.

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