“Shout 6” isn’t just sickening; however, it is too “multiple times gorier” than any past “Shout” movie, attributable to the chiefs’ “steady solicitation for more blood.”

Ghostface has returned, and blood will flow. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of blood. Melissa Barrera, a member of the ensemble of “Scream 6,” recently told Collider that the upcoming sequel has the potential to be 100 times scarier than any prior installment in the long-running horror genre. According to the actor, filmmakers Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett were begging for more blood on production.

“On set, there was a saying because directors Matt [Bettinelli-Olpin] and Tyler [Gillett] were always begging for more blood and sweat,” Barrera explained. “They were always hungry for more. ‘More blood spritz,’ they’d say since they’d always want more.”

“They were treading carefully with the most recent “Scream,” attempting to be utterly respectful of what the series had previously been without restraining their gloomy objectives,” Barrera continued. “However, with this one, they said, ‘We’re going all out.'” It could be a hundred times worse.”

Barrera made her “Scream” debut in the fifth sequel, which debuted in January 2022 and grossed $140 million worldwide.

Sam, her character, will return in “Scream 6,” along with Jenna Ortega (Tara) , Jasmin Savoy Brown (Mindy), and Mason Gooding (Chad). The sixth edition will follow the four characters as they leave Woodsboro and strive to begin a new chapter in New York City.

“Ghostface gets a lot more terrifying,” Ortega remarked earlier this year of the “Scream 6” script. “I’ve just read a fraction of the script, and it’s becoming gorier and gorier.” It is the angriest and most vicious Ghostface we’ve ever seen, in my opinion, and I believe it’ll be a lot of joy to shoot.”

In September, Barrera told Collider that taking the franchise out of the fictional village of Woodsboro for the first time and setting the sequel in New York City will make the sequel even more terrifying.

“It’s like 20 times worse,” Barrera remarked. “It’s terrible. Because, in a metropolis like New York City, everyone is doing their own thing, and someone is screaming for help, and no one comes to their aid.”

Barrera continued, “No one offers to help them; everyone says, “I’m not getting involved with that. So it’s mortifying because Ghostface is pursuing you, but you also see humanity and how it reacts in such a situation. Anyway, I’ve already spoken far too much.

In addition to being scary, “Scream 6” is “100 times gorier” than any prior instalment.


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