Even Though A New Hope in 1977, a lot has happened in the Star Wars world, yet as the property has expanded, it appears to do a better job on television than in the films. Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the first film of the new trilogy, was released in 2015, and it appeared to usher in a revival for the franchise after fans’ cold and sometimes even hostile reception to the prequel films. The Force Awakens was a critical & economic success, giving hope that the Star Wars series could return to its glory days. 


Star Wars: The Last Jedi, on the other hand, was met with strong reactions from both critics and fans but ultimately was not as successful commercially. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker made matters worse, massacring the future of the films as a whole, as it earned even less money than its predecessors, received smaller value scores than most Skywalker Saga films, and also was quickly forgotten by Star Wars fans, either out of ignorance or spite for the contentious storytelling options it made. Similarly, there was a wide range of responses to the Star Wars anthology films, with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story being widely considered a triumph in terms of box office, critical reception, and fan enthusiasm, while Solo: A Star Wars Story was seen as something closer to failure. 

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While the cancellation of Solo has caused Lucasfilm to reevaluate the direction of the next scheduled Star Wars anthology films that have not yet been given a launch date, the original Star Wars series on Disney+ have been hugely successful. Even with the premiere of The Mandalorian, which received widespread praise for both of its seasons, Disney has been producing new Star Wars television episodes that further develop the Star Wars canon. Multiple Star Wars TV shows are available to fans, even if it is unknown when the films will resume production. Why does the Star Wars TV series work while the movies don’t? 

The Difficult Road Ahead for the Star Wars Films 

Doubts about the Star Wars films weren’t limited to those raised by Solo & The Rise of Skywalker. Indeed, those two caused problems in the implementation of the plots as well as in the handling behind the scenes; both the original directors of Solo, Phil Lord & Christopher Miller, as well as the Rise of Skywalker, Colin Trevorrow, were either fired or left owing to creative disputes. Solo & The Rise of Skywalker are notoriously recognized for their flaws more than their successes, and they have been panned for a lack of originality and an overabundance of fan love. Whereas the fan service in The Rise of Skywalker was almost obligatory given the film’s status as the epic conclusion to the Skywalker Saga, the presumption is that Solo needed to expand the Galaxy far, far away by introducing new personalities in addition to expanding the ones by now established in the Skywalker Saga. 

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Fans weren’t the only ones who felt it was time for the Star Wars films to stop focusing on the Skywalker family; Kathleen Kennedy, who heads up Lucasfilm, shared that sentiment. The difficulties of producing Star Wars stories outside of the Skywalker Saga are contributing to the films’ lengthy production times. After all, with a few rare examples, the most latest Star Wars films appears to lack the sight to tell things new in a totally special way, while the older films, these most reviled entries in the prequels, were always uniquely innovative. This leaves the future of all Star Wars films in doubt unless drastic changes are made. 

The Secret to Star Wars’ Success in Television, but Failure in Film 

Disney has not yet fixed the issues with the Star Wars films, but its unique TV shows on Disney+ have been quite successful. Not only do they keep getting revealed, but they also try to expand the Star Wars world a little bit more, even if some are accepted better than others. The popularity of the TV shows can be attributed to the format itself, as well as Disney’s vision for the future of the Star Wars world. The Star Wars TV series that came out when The Mandalorian were cartoons. TV adaptations of Star Wars tend to be more reliable than movies since audiences don’t have a fixed sense of what makes up a Star Wars tale, and because TV shows provide a longer, more in-depth chronology in which to investigate any story set in the famous, pre-established world. Furthermore, Disney’s broader plan of Disney+ involves the production of many new TV episodes, which affected both the Star Wars series and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the latter of which have seen more Television programs than films made during Phase 4. Without a clear release date for the Star Wars films, until production issues are resolved, fans will likely have to make do with the several excellent Star Wars television series now available.

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