We have been using tinplate since years in food and beverage containers, paints, oils, tobacco, and a variety of other things, it is also used for toys, baking equipment, and radio and other electronic equipment parts. Tinplate is made from steel sheets that have been coated with a thin layer of tin. Prior to the advent of low-cost milled steel, the backing metal was iron. Tinplate coil is currently often used to make tin cans; however, it was once more commonly employed. Tinplate combines the strength and formability of steel with the noncorrosive and nontoxic qualities of tin, as well as the ease with which it may be soldered. We have many manufacturers, but they have always lacked in maintaining the quality products with feedback-oriented system, This gap, is however, filled by the great Shandong Jiugang Tisco Steel Co., Ltd.

Tinplate is a thin steel or iron sheet with a tin coating deposited either by dipping in molten metal or electroplating; electroplating now accounts for nearly all tinplate production. Tinplate is manufactured by applying a thin layer of tin to welded iron or steel sheets. It’s most used to keep rust away.

Why tinplate is so much in use?

  • Beautiful Appearance
  • Excellent paint ability & Printability
  • Excellent Formability & Strength
  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance
  • Excellent Solderability & Weldability
  • Thickness is usually between 02 ~ 04mm thin tinplate piece

Shandong Jiugang Tisco Steel Co., Ltd. is a quality product company meeting with customers requirements and demands. They stretch out their products according to your requirements. A sample can be understood from the following data.

Thickness: 0.15-0.50mm or as your request

Width: 600-1500mm or as your request

Length: As your request

Surface Treatment: Coated

Special purpose: food

Zinc Coating: 30-300g/m2 or OEM

Type: Steel Coil

Shandong Jiugang Tisco Steel Co., Ltd. produces high-quality electrolytic tinplate coils. They are in this market with a reputation and customers highly recommend their products. Their vision for ensuring quality products have led them to global contracts. Located in the beautiful city of Jinan, Shandong Province. Their company has registered capital beyond RMB 50 million. They are not just sales company of steel products but have a complete integrated system of R&D, production, sales and services.

They are cooperating with many well-known steel enterprises such as Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group, ZPSS, Qingshan Iron and Steel, Tiangang Group, Heshan Iron and Steel Group, Baowu Iron and Steel, and Shandong Iron and Steel Group in a long-term friendly relationship. With the continuous development of their company, they have built two big workshops in Wuxi and Jinan. Their products have exported to a lot of countries, such as Germany, Romania, United State, Canada, Spain, Turkey and so on, get a high reputation for our company. They are a global company with standard quality products.

Their other products include stainless steel including all sizes of steel coils, steel sheets, steel pipes, flat steel, angle steel, round steel, channel steel and other metal materials. They have got amazing precision manufacturing equipment such as cold rolling, hot rolling, slitting, cross-cutting, surface processing, laser processing, etc., with a processing capacity of 150,000 tons per year. They also have a professional quality inspection department and experimental department. They can provide accurate products material testing, mechanical performance testing and raw material size measurement.

You should better stop waiting and get on track with Shandong Jiugang Tisco Steel Co., Ltd. Their quality products and result-oriented R&D team can help you out of any problem.

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