The South Africa President known as Johannesburg can lose his Job and honor as a corruption combatant as he allegedly tried to hide the millions of dollars as black money in the chase lounge founded on his farmhouse.

After the allegations, political rivals have raised their heads and caused damage to parliamentary reports. As a result opposition party and governing party put pressure n president CyrillRamaphosa to resign from their Job and responsibilities. A police force has not declared any related charges of the crime.

As Africa is considered a highly developed country, the public wants the President to clarify the allegation by speaking to the public because the decision-making sector of governing the African National Congress party is debating the upcoming steps. It is expected that Lawmakers are deciding to talk about the legislative report on Tuesday.

The former director of the security Agency of South Africa known s Arthur Fraser has, situate a criminal report against Ramaphosa – (President) in June 2020. It was stated that the President was hiding black money of $4 million cash in the couch of his farmhouse.

A colleague of a political rival named Frase and Predecessor named Jacob Zuma has claimed that the President of South Africa was blamable of money laundering. Besides, they also break the foreign currency control laws of states. The reason is Ramaphosa hides it from tax authorities and the police.

After these allegations, financial authorities became active, and many questions were raised about the President’s business and many other things. The criticism of Ramaphosa and opposition parties of the Africa National Congress demanded a step-down.

They want to have reelections in the current month. It will permit to work as President till the 2024 period of completion.

An African president has refused the acceptance these allegations. He says that the money force found at the farmhouse was the sale of his animal, and he is never involved in any activity considered a crime by State.

“Why are the animals still at the farmhouse even if it’s been two years?” asked the legislative report on his explanation. On the other hand, the central bank investigates and clarifies that there is no Dollars entry into the country.

It further stated that President put himself in circumstances of a dispute of interest, and the evidence shows that Ramaphosa might be the part of some severe violation of the State’s sections.

As the news of the President’s resignation flew on Thursday, the Spokesperson of Ramaphosa named, Vincent Magwenya, stated that whatever the decision would be, President would inform you with a reasonable interest of the State. Consequently, Ramaphosa still has some supporters from the legislative party.

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