Scotland might have found their new hero. With the likes of Chris Hoy, Kenny Dalglish and Andy Murray already Scottish legends, the new MMA fighter is making waves in the MMA world and hoping to become a name said with these legends. 

The 31-year-old lightweight fighter originates from Holytown, Glasgow, and became the first Scottish fighter to sign with the American promoter Bellator. They are the 2nd largest promoting company for MMA in America and Chris “The Bad Guy” was only too pleased to sign for them. Bungard felt it was a good opportunity for him to sign a multi deal with the company and promote himself in America, 

“It’s a massive audience for me hitting the American eyes. Everybody knows who I am in Britain and some parts of Europe and Australia. It’s good that the Americans can find out who I am.”

He also sees it from a patriotic point of view, as he is proud to promote his Scottish heritage, 

“I had offers on the table from other European based organisations, but I always wanted to be the first Scottish fighter to sign for Bellator. They are a world-renowned brand and I am super excited to get started with them. Plus, I have made a little bit of Scottish MMA history being the first fighter to sign for them.

“I want to travel the world fighting for Bellator.”

How has he performed recently?

His record is very decent with 16 wins and seven losses to his name. After two losses in 2020, he picked up a big win against Aratz Garmendia last summer. 

He has just signed a five fight deal and is hoping that it leads to the more prestigious UFC, which pays incredibly well. 

Bellator has changed his life

Bungard made no secrets that getting fired from his job was the motivation he needed to really focus on a career in MMA. After missing a lot of work by pulling “sickies”, he was eventually fired from his job and he thanks his boss to this day, as he believes this had to happen for him to make the next step in his MMA life.

It worked and in his last fight against Primus he made $30,000! Signing for Bellator has changed his life and signing a lucrative deal in 2018 meant he was getting paid the big money for his fights, 

“I have scraped by in the last few years. The UK MMA scene doesn’t really pay well. You don’t do it for the money, you do it for the sport. But now this deal has given me that bit of comfort and freedom.”

“In all seriousness, my aim for the future is to buy a new house. I don’t know where I would like to stay. Obviously, I’d like to stay near my family and friends, but I like travelling the world so I’d like to get to as many countries as I can. Maybe I’ll just buy the biggest house in Holytown!”

Has he influenced other fighters?

Bungard may have been the first but he is not the last. He is affiliated with the Scottish Hit Squad and alongside Paul Craig, Ross Cooper, Neil Laird and Nathan Jessimer the Scottish influence is prominent within Bellator.

However, Bungard deserves all the plaudits that come his way for being the first and paving the way for other Scottish fighters. He has come from a tough background and has worked ever so hard to get where he is now, 

“All that stuff growing up has helped me become the tough fighter that I am today. It translates into my training, mental toughness, cutting weight. Even in hard fights how deep I need to dig down and I think that’s down to how I’ve grew up and how I’ve been brought up.”

He has put the country on the MMA map and is becoming a national icon. Keep an eye on the Belfast Bellator for Bungard’s next fight and best online betting sites will probably make him a favourite to win his fight.

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