The reason the Na’vi will probably visit Earth in Avatar 5 is explained in Avatar: The Way of Water. Pandora’s elaborately imagined fictitious world serves as the backdrop for James Cameron’s Avatar movies. There, humanity is making the same mistakes they did on Earth by trying to take advantage of Pandora’s natural resources, which include the valuable glands of the whale-like tulkun and the rare mineral unobtainium. But now that humanity wants to take Pandora as a new homeworld, the struggle is turning existential for the local Na’vi.

The dystopian Earth briefly depicted in the first Avatar movie was poisoned. Jake Sully once forewarned in a remarkable speech, “They slaughtered their Mother, and they’re going to do the same thing here.” Jake’s opinion of Earth is echoed even by the wealthy and powerful, who have determined they must leave Earth and go to Pandora, according to Avatar: The Way of Water. Humans have established a new metropolis on the moon, from which they can expand. Jake finally decides to oppose them at the end of Avatar: The Way of Water, and he will unavoidably lead the Na’vi in battle. There have been persistent claims that Avatar 5’s Na’vi will feature a visit to Earth itself.

The Na’vi will come to Earth to save it, not to conquer it.

Simply because they have no interest in pursuing that kind of technology or military mindset, it is difficult to conceive a scenario in which the Na’vi visit Earth. In Avatar: The Way of Water, Jake’s continued belief in human science is seen as a flaw rather than a strength. He calls for medical assistance when his adopted daughter Kiri suffers a mystical experience that leaves her in a coma. Still, his faith in science causes him to miss the significance of this development. The Na’vi will never embrace interstellar travel and come to Earth to fight there, at least not in a conceptual sense.

The secret to the Avatar tale, though, is Kiri. Including a miraculous pregnancy, Cameron purposefully surrounds this character with Messianic imagery; her mystical experience (or, as human science would describe it, her epileptic episode) is comparable to a baptism.

Because of her body’s extraordinary adaptability, she seems to have been created by Eywa to act as a link between the Na’vi and the Sky People.

She has a body that appears to be better adapted to human surroundings than the typical Na’vi, and she can survive underwater for extended periods. She is also the only Sully who views Spider as a family member. Kiri is ideally situated for a Messianic “minister of reconciliation,” which will unavoidably result in her ending up in prison.

The Avatar movies might depict Earth’s salvation rather than its destruction.

It explains why Earth will appear in the Avatar movies at some point. It will be up to the next generation, including Kiri, to break the cycle of violence that the humans and Na’vi are becoming trapped in. This suggests that rather than fighting, the Avatar narrative will be resolved by redemption, not through enmity, but through harmony. Kiri will probably take on more of an ambassadorial role, perhaps working with Eywa to restore Earth in some way.

This would go well with Cameron’s environmental themes as well as the franchise’s overall tone of hope and optimism. The opportunity is wonderfully set up in Avatar: The Way of Water for Avatar 5 to be a hopeful movie in which Earth is saved rather than destroyed.

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