As a small business owner, we’re sure you understand the importance of taking care of your employees. But what does that mean in practical terms? And how can you be sure you’re doing everything possible to create a healthy and productive work environment?

In this blog post, we’ll outline some key ways to take care of your employees. We’ll discuss everything from providing proper, flexible schedules, creating a positive company culture and encouraging open communication.

Read on!

Offer Flexible Schedules and Wages

Many small businesses rely on shift work or long hours for business growth. Unfortunately, that means requiring employees to clock in 10 or more hours a day, 5-6 days a week. This can prove detrimental to your business’ growth in the long term.
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So consider allowing employees to work a flexible schedule. Maybe they can work a long day one week and a shorter day the next. Or perhaps a consistent 9-5 schedule would suit employees to plan their day better. Either way, be sure to communicate with your employees the hours they are expected to work.

You can also consider offering flexible wages. For example, you could consider offering a base wage but with incentives for employees who work more than 40 hours in a week.

Remember, by allowing your employees to have a flexible schedule and a variable wage, you’re giving them reasons to stay at their job.

Offer Additional Perks

In addition to the basic benefits you should offer employees (sick leave, vacation time), consider offering insurance and a retirement savings plan.

These benefits can seem like an extra business cost, but they will help your employees care for themselves and their families. And that should provide peace of mind for your employees and you. Contacting any small business insurance broker will do the job. 

Provide Mentorship to Your Employees

Does your business have a mentorship program? If not, consider creating one. Having a mentor will help employees navigate their careers and act as an instructor on succeeding in business. 

Moreover, your business will be viewed as an employee-centric brand in the industry. This will make people want to be a part of your business because who hates growth opportunities?

Celebrate Your Employees’ Achievements

When an employee achieves an accomplishment, be sure to celebrate! Recognizing their success will boost your employee’s confidence and increase employee loyalty. It shows employees that growth opportunities and reaching goals are encouraged and supported by the company.

Be a Problem Solver

Although you may be the business owner, you must understand that a business is only as good as its employees. So, it is important to listen to your employees’ concerns.
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If they feel like their opinions aren’t valued or aren’t being heard, they will leave – and more than likely tell other people about their experience.

By listening to your employees and taking their complaints seriously, you’re showing that you care about them as individuals. That will increase loyalty and prevent turnover.

Treat Employees as Family

When employees are happy, they work better. So, make sure to treat your employees like family – not just workers who get paychecks! Please make an effort to know your employees as individuals and appreciate their strengths outside of work. Your employees spend hours at your office, making them feel that your office is their second home.


To take care of your employees as a small business owner, you should offer them flexible schedules, wages, additional perks and involve them in your business. Don’t see them as employees, but people who want to grow with your company and make a difference.

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