One of the most popular and commonly used walls for most homes in the UK is drywall. What kind of drywall should I choose for my bathroom? Is it your question now? You can use drywall called sheetrock. A bathroom is a place where you must take care of moisture. In fact, the walls that you choose for your bathrooms must be highly reliable and durable. Some of the drywall options may not be good for your bathroom. When choosing drywall, the two important features which you must look for include mold resistance and moisture. Read on to know about the different types of drywalls.

  • Blue Board: Blue board drywall is known for its high resistance to water and mold. In fact, this is one of the reasons why this type of wall is commonly used in the bathrooms and in other areas where moisture will be more. Blue board only needs a light layer of plaster applied over taped seams in order to obtain a smooth surface rather than numerous layers of joint compound. Plaster baseboard, often known as the blue board. It is highly durable when compared to regular drywall options. It is known to withstand accidental knocks as well as noise reduction.
  • Green Board: The 1960s saw the introduction of green board, which had a thicker finish than standard drywall and was wax-coated for water resistance. These green board drywalls are also known as MMR board walls. The surface of these walls is specially designed in such a way that they can resist moisture well. Green boards are usually inexpensive and are made using recycled materials. They are a good choice for those who are looking for eco-friendly options.
  • Purple Drywall: This type of drywall is specially made for areas that are prone to mold, moisture, and mildew.

A lot of people are not aware that a standard plasterboard is also known as a wallboard or drywall. The main advantage of plasterboard is they are easy to install. A waterproof or moisture-resistant plasterboard is specially made for areas where the humidity levels are high. If you are looking for plasterboard for bathrooms, choose a company like Rigips. This company offers top-quality bathroom drywalls. They are pretty affordable too. Visit their website to get an idea about the different types of walls that they offer. Below are some of the benefits of moisture-resistant plasterboards. Take a look at them.

  • As they are water-repellent, they are more durable compared to the other options.
  • They are made to withstand humid and moist conditions. They do not get damaged, even when they get in contact with water.

Wet rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens are the ideal places to use moisture-resistant plasterboards. If you fail to use the moisture-resistant plasterboard for these areas, it can lead to moisture build-up and can cause several problems. Using this one for your bathroom can control the growth of mold too, which can cause several health problems. As they can be easily installed, you can save your time.

Approach a reputed company today for moisture-resistant plasterboard!

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