Eloise would never find true love in Bridgerton, but the streaming service Netflix has already hinted at a potential romantic outcome for her.


Bridgerton’s Eloise may appear doomed to live a loveless life, but Netflix may have hinted at a potential love interest for her during TUDUM. Eloise’s story is much less conventional than her siblings’ since, especially her sister Daphne, she isn’t keen to find a partner. A period jump may have been avoided if Claudia Jessie, who voices Eloise, hadn’t made a remark that could have hinted at Eloise’s destiny.


Claudia Jessie (Bridgerton) & Luke Newton (Colin Bridgerton) draw portraits while talking about their roles on Netflix’s TUDUM. Jessie tells Newton she “can’t act a teen forever.” The setting of Eloise’s story in the first Bridgerton books gives this seemingly casual remark greater weight. The novel To Sir Phillip, With Love tells the story of Eloise, a spinster in her late twenties who finds love for the first time. This specificity indicates that Eloise’s future may have been hinted to in Jessie’s remark in the TV adaption as well.


While the first two episodes of Bridgerton are canonically ordered, Eloise’s initial storyline and Jessie’s remark at TUDUM imply that Netflix may switch things up for her season. Because Eloise in her Bridgerton book is a bachelor, it is highly unlikely that her story takes place just a few decades after the present season of Bridgerton. Along with Jessie’s comment regarding her character’s age, this appears to hint towards a future time leap in the Bridgerton world necessary to faithfully adapt Eloise’s tale.


Which Bridgerton Season Will Talk about Eloise’s Book Story?


If Bridgerton were to implement a time jump, the show would have virtually endless options for picking the perfect season to portray Eloise’s narrative. The very first two seasons of Bridgerton are arranged in the same way as the novels, suggesting that the series will continue to adhere to the publication order of the books. Even though Eloise’s tale (which occurs during in the fifth Bridgerton book) is set to be told onstage, the publication order of the books is not a reliable assessment of when this will be told on screen because season 3 has already been announced to be about Colin.


Season 4 of Bridgerton has been ordered, & while it hasn’t been decided for sure yet, it seems probable that Benedict is going to be the show’s main focus. Given that Eloise’s storyline involves her being a spinster, it could be beneficial to put off her appearance in Bridgerton until afterwards so that the performers can get into character as old people. But since the show hasn’t established any of the other Bridgerton siblings’ personalities, it wouldn’t make logical sense to tell their tales before Eloise’s. Since Eloise’s novel was published before the fifth season of Bridgerton, it makes most sense to recount her story then.


If the Netflix series investigates a time jump, as Claudia Jessie’s statements during TUDUM appear to imply, Eloise’s storyline will be among the more interesting installments. The time jump is a first for Bridgerton’s writing, and it would give him practically limitless material for future seasons. Fans of Bridgerton can’t be sure when Eloise’s tale will air, but based on what Jessie hinted at for her character as well as the show at TUDUM, it’s safe to say that it’s going to be one of the most thrilling seasons ever.

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