You know the scene: Tom Cruise is being chased by a group of thugs, and he has to do something incredibly badass to save himself. In the latest installment of the Mission: Impossible franchise, Cruise’s character, Ethan Hunt, faces off against a group of heavily armed terrorists. In the movie, Reacher does something that seems impossible: He grabs a gun from an enemy and shoots him in the face. Cruise’s performance in this scene is incredible, and it has left many viewers wondering how he managed to pull it off.

The answer lies in the special effects team behind the movie. In reality, Reacher couldn’t do what was shown onscreen; his arm wouldn’t have been able to move that fast. However, because Ritchson is much shorter than Cruise and has more proportional muscles in his arms and shoulders, his body was able to duplicate the movement for the scene. So if you ever wonder how a Hollywood actor can do some insanely impossible stunt, remember that it’s not magic—it’s just some clever special effects work.

One Shot Caught Reacher Bear Hug A Man To Death

The latest action movie in the Jack Reacher series, “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back,” features Tom Cruise playing the titular character who travels back in time to stop a presidential assassination. But one of the more shocking scenes occurs when Reacher gets into a fight with a bear and then hugs it to death.

While Tom Cruise may be able to pull off the scene convincingly, there’s one man who can do it better – and that’s Alan Ritchson. The actor played Otis on “Lost” and killed his co-star Michael Emerson by hugging him from behind while he was sleeping on set.

Amazon’s Reacher Ought To Recycle The Bear Hug Kill

Amazon’s Reacher Needs To Recycle The Bear Hug Kill

It would be an understatement to say that the death of Lee Child’s iconic character, “Jack Reacher,” in 2012 was a major setback for the thriller genre. In the final book of the Jack Reacher series, titled, Never Go Back, the famed investigator is forced to use his signature move – the bear hug kill – on a man who has kidnapped his former boss. Unfortunately for readers, this grizzly scene is not as graphic or violent as some of Reacher’s other kills. But that doesn’t mean actor and stuntman Alan Ritchson can’t pull it off convincingly.

In an interview with Thrillist, Ritchson discussed how he prepared for the role by watching many of Child’s other killings to understand how they were executed. He also studied tapes of boxing matches to perfect his fight choreography. Finally, he worked with stunt coordinator Wade Davis to create a realistic bear hug sequence that accurately depicted the physicality and violence of the killing.

Ritchson’s performance isn’t the only thing that sets his take on Reacher apart from others. According to Thrillist, his version of Reacher is less bold and more reflective than usual, likely reflecting Child’s writing style. Overall, Ritchson’s portrayal of Jack Reacher is anything.

Who is Jack Reacher?

Jack Reacher is a tough guy. He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty, and he’s not one to back down from a fight – even if it’s just with himself. Jack is also known for his one-liners, which are usually very quotable. Here are some of our favorites:

“You know what they say about guys like us. We’re unrefined, but we’re real.”

“I never think about the future. The past is enough for me.”

“We all have our secrets, and I’m no different.”

Reacher was born in 1946 in Kentucky, but he has spent most of his life living on the road – mostly due to his military service. He served in the Army for six years and then got out as a major. After that, he bounced from job to job before settling in Virginia in 1997. Reacher doesn’t have any family left, but he does have a close circle of friends – including Major Susan Turner (played by Rosamund Pike), who hired him to find someone she thought had run off with her daughter. Reacher didn’t take long to figure out that Turner had been mistaken – but he did manage to solve the case nonetheless…

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