Players can take Merlin the Wizard’s “Crystal Mystery” quest after finding the Forest of Valor and reconciling with Donald Duck in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This early-game quest introduces you to Night Shards and their role in the Valley. New players may have come upon these enigmatic Dream Shard varieties while exploring the world’s biomes. During the early stages of a player’s journey, these shards have no use other than being unsellable and filling inventory or storage slots. Nonetheless, they will become necessary later on, as Dreamers must collect them [to accomplish several Friendship Quests that advance the Villagers’ storylines.

To begin the “Crystal Mystery” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players must first listen to Merlin’s story about a weird black crystal he discovered in the Forest of Valor. While he won’t reveal the exact location, he will say that the crystal is near the Dark Portal, where players previously found Donald Duck.

As a result, players must visit the biome’s Pillar and explore the surrounding grass areas. The crystal should be to the right of the Pillar on the ground.

In Dreamlight Valley, completing the Crystal Mystery.

After locating and presenting the Mysterious Shard to Merlin during “Crystal Mystery” in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players must complete the quest by locating five Night Shards throughout the Valley. If they have already acquired five black shards, the quest’s aim will be “Go back to Merlin with all the Night Shards,” according to the gameplay by YouTube content maker Mirraj Gaming. The game will also keep track of any shards in the player’s storage. To advance the mission, Dreamers only need to visit their home’s storage boxes, retrieve five Night Shards, and return to Merlin.

On the other hand, those who have not collected any Night Shards before beginning the “Crystal Mystery” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley will receive the quest goal to “Gather 5 Night Shards.” The most common technique to obtain Night Shards is to dig up dirt mounds scattered throughout the Valley using the Royal Shovel. These shards, like Stone or Coal Ore, are not biome-exclusive, meaning they can be discovered everywhere on the map. Show the five shards to Merlin, and he will instruct players on creating a Purified Night Shard by mixing the five shards with a Dream Shard. To complete the “Crystal Mystery” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, participants must then offer a Purified Night Shard to anyone in the Village.

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