Promotional items are supposed to have your brand logo, name, and message printed on them. They serve as a strong marketing tool. As per several different surveys, only 1 in 5 people discard promotional products that they receive at seminars, trade shows, and other corporate events. This means 4 individuals will be using your promotional item and thereby spreading the word about your company.

Now, to ensure this is done more effectively, you must select a good and worthy promotional product. Most companies simply rely on stationery products, or items like coffee mugs when it comes to picking promotional items. However, do you think these items are perfect and satisfy your branding needs? Well, if you have second doubts, you are on the right track.

Today, there are many different products available on the market that can be used as promotional items. One such product is – reusable insulated bags. Insulated bags are available in many different designs and sizes. There are cooler bags that can be used for keeping drinks chilled, carrying frozen items, and even ensuring that lunch remains warm.

However, if you compromise on the quality of insulated bags, they will not only lose their value and become useless for the receiver but even create a negative impression of your brand. Therefore, it is best to place your wholesale insulated bags order with brands like Custom Earth Promos. They have been in the market for years and thus deliver nothing but the best. They will customize insulated bags as per your needs and their delivery is very prompt as well.

Insulated bags Vs. other promotional product

It is more functional and attractive

It is possible to design insulated bags in attractive color combinations. Also, you never have to worry about people throwing it away since it is super useful for almost every individual. They can be used by individuals belonging to different age groups. They are ideal for families to carry food on picnics, as well as for singles to carry lunch at work. In simple words, they are exceptionally practical and useful.

It can get you the brand exposure your company needs

Insulated bags have a very impressive shelf life, and for as long as they are being used, your company name and logo printed on them will receive recognition. When designed correctly, cooler bags can attract the attention of multiple people at the same time.

They are cost-effective

Compared to expensive promotional products, insulated bags are very budget-friendly. Depending on your size and design, you can expect to buy them at around $0.89 to $3.89.

Smart ways to use custom cooler bags as a marketing tool:

  • Send it as a token along with the invites to your event.
  • Fill the bag with goodies and distribute them amongst your staff and clients during festivals.
  • At corporate events, distribute them as freebies amongst registered attendees.
  • During sports events, place a bottle of cold water in these bags and distribute them amongst athletes.
  • If you are conducting games at your event, give these bags as gifts.

Every business needs a strong promotional item these days. If you too require something that will leave an everlasting impression on your clients, consider getting customized reusable insulated bags.

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