Trunks’ primary reason for engaging in the first significant fight in Dragon Ball Super’s most recent arc is to solve one of the series’ biggest issues: the dearth of meaningful romance.

Trunks are forced to look into some alleged “weird folk” who are interfering with the Capsule Corp’s helper-bots in chapter 88 of Dragon Ball Super by Akira Toriyama and illustrator Toyotarou because they are preventing Mai, his love interest, from joining them that weekend for a movie. He had earlier asked Mai if she would join him to see a movie on Saturday, and even though she had said that it wasn’t her thing, Mai ultimately clung to Pilaf’s justification that they were swamped with work since their helper bots kept getting tampered with. Trunks conclude that Mai will be allowed to go on a date with him if he stops whatever is happening to the helper bots.

Although crude, chapter 88’s attempt to make romance the primary cause of conflict is a welcome departure for the series. The only notable exceptions are when Vegeta first gives his life to save his family from Buu in Dragon Ball Z and when, in Dragon Ball Super, He explains to Goku that the sole reason he has been fighting alongside him is that it is best for his family.

Vegeta’s motive in these situations isn’t only based on his love for his wife, Bulma. Vegeta also wishes to defend his son, even though she plays a significant role. In truth, Vegeta only shows his love for his son in DBZ when he makes the ultimate sacrifice (since Bulma isn’t present). Vegeta’s sacrifice thus resembles that of a father rather than a husband who loves his wife.

Finally, Dragon Ball Has a Chance to Do Romance Right

Vegeta and Bulma’s union was contentious partly because there was no clear-cut justification. Dragon Ball never actually depicted Vegeta courting or wooing Bulma. Therefore their romance was never permitted to become a central plot point. It may have given rise to some intriguing fan theories. Dragon Ball has many different partnerships, but Goku and Chi Chi’s marriage is the most heinous. The fact that Goku adores Chi Chi is undeniable, yet the Dragon Ball franchise has never made their relationship a significant source of anything in the series.

Their marriage only influences the plot when Goku disobeys his wife. Chi expressed her desire for Gohan to pursue education and her concern that he would resemble Goku as he grew up. However, Goku disobeyed Chi Chi’s instructions rather than honoring her intentions by dragging Gohan into perilous misadventures.

Chi Chi hasn’t truly heard Goku’s side of the tale because communication is a two-way street. Every time he’s attempted to disagree with her, she intimidates him into silence.

Most of the romance in Dragon Ball is complicated since it emphasizes fatherly love or the drawbacks of marriage. The series has never made Goku or Vegeta’s devotion to their respective wives the driving force behind their behavior. Trunks’ sentiments for Mai in Dragon Ball Super chapter 88 are inappropriate given her age, but at least he is trying to develop romantic feelings for her through his acts.

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