The eight-episode season order from Paramount+ signals the beginning of the live-action Dungeons & Dragons TV show. Hollywood has been working harder recently to make D&D the next great live-action brand now that the well-known tabletop role-playing game is becoming more widespread. A few weeks remain until audiences can watch Chris Pine’s live-action Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves release on Paramount. However, there have been initiatives over the few years to bring fantasy games to television in addition to Stranger Things.

Before the release of the Dungeons & Dragons movie, the D&D show’s development has now taken a positive turn. According to Deadline, the first season of eight episodes of the Rawson Marshall Thurber-created television series has to commission by Paramount+. The pilot’s script to written by the Red Notice director, who is also in charge of the first episode’s direction. Following a competitive transaction that saw many purchasers for eOne and Hasbro, Paramount+ purchased the series. The Dungeons & Dragons show’s plot, cast members, and release date are unknown now. It will air on Paramount’s streaming service. Thurber reaffirmed the information with a humorous Dungeons & Dragons allusion to the highest possible dice role: a Natural 20.

The Dungeons & Dragons show’s development taking place so close to the winter 2023 release of Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves naturally raises the question of whether or not they are related. Although neither side has received official confirmation yet, the idea is not improbable. The planned live-action series and movie are coming from the same studios as the D & Dragons TV show, thanks to Paramount+’s acquisition of the rights. Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves was co-produced and co-financed by eOne and Paramount, so the companies working together once more on the series make a possible shared universe simpler to connect.

It does not appear that the D & Dragons television series and D&D: Honor Among Thieves to related at the time. Even though the same studios collaborate on both projects, there are no shared creative minds. Furthermore, Paramount’s confirmation of any relationship between the two D & Dragons adaptations would have been a greater announcement. An announcement of a Dungeons & Dragons shows you related to the movie, whether a prequel or spinoff, would mark the beginning of a new franchise.

The Future of Dungeons & Dragons Live-Action

Even though the plans haven’t to formally disclosed, Paramount hopes to launch a Dungeons & Dragons cinematic universe with the premiere of Honor Among Thieves. The potential of Dungeons & Dragons sequels happening has been hinted at by directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein as long as the first film is successful. However, Paramount needs more franchises and undoubtedly believes that Honor Among Thieves will assist at the beginning of one. May announce more live-action D&D films, spinoffs, and television series soon if it proves to be a commercial success.

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