Eduardo G. Perez Jr., who is the CEO, plus, co-founder of Equity Prime Mortgage always wanted to help people with their financial needs. In 2008, he worked as a broker and, gained a lot of experience in the industry. He knows how to provide consumer lending services while working with brokers. Empower People More, the company’s motto, is true to its name as Perez and his team work hard to assist people in becoming their best selves.

What does the company do?

We operate as a registered mortgage lender across the country. Plus, we provide a range of mortgage solutions to satisfy the particular requirements of each client. Our staff is committed to helping each client and leaving them feeling empowered “Eduardo G. Perez Jr. stated, “It doesn’t matter if our clients want to finance their American dream or need training and growth.”. Everyone is on board and prepared to support those in need. We established this business during the 2008 Great Recession, so we are familiar with what it’s like to face hardship. The property economic crash caused by the economic downturn naturally had a negative impact on staff morale. We were able to get through that difficult time, though, because we were goal-oriented and focused.”


The ability to manage the initial crisis during the recession helped the business get ready for the pandemic, which made it simpler for Perez Jr. and his staff to come up with effective measures. Due to their prior experience working through one of the most challenging times for Americans, the team was also better able to adapt to the numerous challenges that emerged during the beginning and peak of the global epidemic.

How did we succeed?

Equity Prime Mortgage succeeded by maintaining focus and offering unmatched levels of customer service, earning recognition as one of the Inc. 5000’s and among the top mortgage brokers in the country. In addition to the achievements of the business, Eduardo G. Perez Jr. has won prizes for his expertise, teamwork, and production. His name is listed on National Mortgage Professionals Magazine’s list of the 40 Most Influential Mortgage Professionals Under 40. He held the position of Chairman of NAHREP in 2021 while serving on the Corporate Board of Governors of NAHREP as a Certified Mortgage Banker.


“When people ask me how I’ve been able to achieve in a field that is constantly changing, I reply that it’s because of my enthusiasm for the mortgage sector and sincere desire to assist others. I want to give individuals mortgage options that benefit them so they may achieve the American dream.  Perez Jr. further stated that  People pick our business because they are confident that we have their best interests in mind. Based on each customer’s specific demands, we aim to offer the best possible mortgage option. It distinguishes us and has contributed to our extraordinary success.


Equity Prime Mortgage is a market leader that is always developing, growing, and planning to enter new markets.

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