Many companies are transitioning to a hybrid workplace setup, where some employees work remotely, some in the office, and some have adopted a hybrid work model. In this diversified workplace environment, they are using different tools and apps to make communication effective and streamlined. We have asked different entrepreneurs regarding their favourite channel/tool/application for effectively communicating with a hybrid workforce. This is what they have said:

I’ve been using Teamwork to collaborate with our hybrid teams. It’s an excellent project management tool. It’s much better than its competitors solely due to its ease of use. The interface is very easy to use. We didn’t need any training when we picked up Teamwork. 

The tool allows us to create custom dashboards for all our projects. It enables us to create many dashboards and projects for our teams and clients. Teamwork has helped us keep our clients in the loop. This has been great for our collaboration efforts. 

Mitt Wilson, CEO of MetalsInvesting

My favourite workforce tool is Krisp. We got started on this application through a Personal plan, which allows for limited noise cancellation minutes. This acts as a demo and allows us to make an informed decision before buying the application. Through this application, you can easily have meetings with your children and pets. Krisp allows you to mute your environment so that you can focus on meetings and not miss out on anything important. It’s fairly easy to install and can run in the background with ease. Krisp has a virtual background feature that removes any digital distractions. You can select a high-quality image that would integrate across various applications.

Greg Rozdeba, President of Dundas Life

I would recommend the multipurpose tool named Threads to create and organize asynchronous discussions on a specific topic. It allows team members to track the areas where attention is required. 

Remote teams are able to use this tool to see how many members saw the thread and the people who plan to participate in it. You can also get insights on who addressed the question and culminate the discussion. The biggest benefit is that these processes happen asynchronously. As long as team members update their threads, employees would not need to rely on a colleague being online to move on to the next stage of a project.

Joseph Counts, CEO of Histylepicks

I think Jira is one of the most valuable apps for hybrid work management. The app started out as an error-tracking system for software developers. But it has now evolved into an all-in-one project management tool. Jira boosts over 100,000 users worldwide.

 Jira allows managers to create Kanban and Scrum boards. Users can update Jira’s boards and cards in real time. Managers can also make roadmaps for entire projects. These roadmaps can then be divided into smaller daily tasks. 

The app also offers in-depth insights into the workflow. Managers can track their employees’ performance with the click of a button. 

The only disadvantage is that the app does not have an in-built messaging module. But this can be remedied. Jira integrates easily with third-party messaging services. You can add other custom features as well. If you want a professional hybrid work environment, shift to Jira.

Sonia Navarro, CEO of Navarro Paving

Microsoft Teams is a communication tool I stand by. You can’t chat as effectively on Zoom, and Slack’s video call feature is not the best out there. That’s where Microsoft Teams comes in. I can host video meetings, chat with employees, create team group chats, and even store files, all in one platform.

The best part is that my employees can work on Office and OneDrive documents without leaving the app. It even allows me to pin important messages. This creates an effective stream of collaboration, ensuring all employees stay on the same page. Its prices start from as less as $5. So, Microsoft Teams is also super affordable.

Kurt Walker, CEO of Mill City Home Buyers

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