Hugh Jackman outlines the Wolverine timeline for Deadpool 3 and how it links to Logan ahead of the start of shooting on Shawn Levy and Ryan Reynolds’ forthcoming Marvel Studios feature. Jackman said goodbye to the X-Men franchise on Fox with James Mangold’s Logan. However, Disney’s 2019 acquisition of 20th Century Fox resulted in a resurgence of interest in seeing the actor reprise the role in the MCU because Marvel Studios now has creative control over the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and all of their tie-in characters that Fox had previously owned.Despite the ongoing attention, Jackman steadfastly insisted that he was done portraying the character. Given how brilliantly Logan wrote off the iconic mutant as he died defending X-23/Laura, this seemed natural.

Jackman stayed true to his stance on the issue until August 2022, when he revealed that In Deadpool 3, he would return as Wolverine. There are also questions about how Wolverine’s anticipated MCU entrance will affect the events in Logan, particularly whether it will stop the mutant from dying. But in a current interview with The Empire Film Podcast, Jackman describes the Wolverine period in Deadpool 3 to successfully address the conundrum. Here is the full quote he gave.

What to Expect From Wolverine In Deadpool 3

The eagerly awaited MCU movie, directed by Shawn Levy, will debut in November 2024. Deadpool 3’s specific story points are still well-guarded secrets. Jackman has revealed bits of information indicating what his character will be like in the threequel, even though neither the performers nor anybody else engaged in the film can discuss spoilers. He disclosed that in Deadpool 3, Wolverine will be more enraged than ever. The Adamantium-clawed may be grumpier since he is forced to work with Deadpool, which is potentially quite aggravating, although he didn’t get into that in his explanation.

In a separate interview, Levy hinted at Wolverine’s presence in Deadpool 3, praising Reynolds and Jackman’s outstanding connection. It leads to fresh ideas for the film’s script, which, according to him, would be entertaining for the public to see when the film is finally released. It is quite thrilling to hear Levy and Jackman’s updates on their collaboration, which has taken years to develop. Given their previous performances, there is already no doubt that both actors will excel in their parts, but watching them work together might result in something truly exceptional.

The decision by Levy, Reynolds, and Marvel Studios to set Deadpool 3 before the events of Logan makes sense, given how well-liked and lauded it is. Given that the future threequel has already been announced to feature time travel, perhaps Wolverine’s encounter with the Merc-With-A-Mouth can even describe some of the decisions he made in his final movie. Finally, it’s wonderful to read that the Deadpool 3 team chatted with Mangold behind the scenes about how they will use Wolverine in the film in light of his work on Logan.

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