In the most recent arc of the show, Trunks and Goten from Dragon Ball Super are the stars. The two youthful half-Saiyan warriors are front and center in a recent piece of official artwork for the series, ready to grab the reins of a new Dragon Ball tale.

It is a significant event for the series’ viewers. Fans’ favorites Trunks and Goten have never had as much screen time as other characters in the series. They frequently get overlooked in favor of the more seasoned, established characters like Goku and Vegeta. However, everything is different in the latest Dragon Ball Super arc. In the Dragon Ball Super manga, Goten and Trunks have finally aged up, and the opening chapter of the new arc implies Goku and Vegeta won’t be a major part of it at all.

Now, official artwork (uploaded by the Twitter account DBSChronicles) released to promote the next Dragon Ball arc prominently displays Superhero costumes surrounding Goten and Trunks as they stand in front of a host of characters. That may hint at a more slice-of-life type plot in the near future. It makes sense for series fans to be curious about what Trunks and Goten will do in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super arc.

It’s difficult to say for sure, but these two characters have a lot of unrealized potential.

Trunks and Goten are both extremely strong Saiyans who have already shown their mettle in battle. The two have already attained the coveted Super Saiyan form, which took Goku years to perfect. Additionally, Goten, the youngest Super Saiyan in history, was said to be just as powerful as Gohan way back in the Buu saga and is the youngest Super Saiyan ever. The opening chapter of the arc implies that fighting may not be the main focus, despite the enormous potential for both Trunks and Goten.

Trunks and Goten can explore in Dragon Ball Super.

The bond between Trunks and Goten could be the subject of one potential plot twist. Watching how the two characters’ extraordinarily tight relationship develops further would be intriguing. Fans may watch them practice together, learn new skills, and cooperate in combat. Watching these two characters mature and advance as warriors would be fantastic.

Another explanation is that, in light of Black Frieza’s impending threat, Trunks and Goten are being given this emphasis to prepare them for a forthcoming challenge. Trunks and Goten may have a crucial role in the upcoming arc, whether defending the Earth from a new threat or traveling to another planet to stop an enemy. The recent Tournament of Power arc showed that even unlikely heroes could pitch in to decide the universe’s fate.

It’s fantastic to see Trunks and Goten finally taking center stage in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super arc, regardless of the plot’s course. It’s wonderful to see these two individuals receiving the attention they rightfully deserve because they have always been intriguing subjects. It will undoubtedly be a thrilling arc for Dragon Ball Super fans, whether they’re collaborating during training, fighting together, or taking on a brand-new challenge.

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