More than 66% of the US population access the internet through mobile handsets. That said, digital publishers and media brands need to manage their online engagement with real-time content proactively. After all, your audience is always on the hunt for breaking news.
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There’s no point providing them with a news scoop hours later when the information has turned stale.

Live blogging comes to your rescue, pouring in relevant information on updates, breaking news, commentaries, and any branded communication in real-time. Established partners like Viafoura have been helping in streamlining the process of audience engagement through events and media. In case you aren’t familiar with live blogging, visit to learn why leading publishers are embracing the technology.

Why is real-time content relevant?      

Engagement happens to be the magic word for digital media platforms and publishers. Whether you operate an OTT or run a website, you gauge success in terms of the digital footprints of your target audience. 

  • Publishing real-time content is a strategic move to hook your readers to the event. You can produce content simultaneously as the event unfolds to engage your audience on multiple levels.
  • Reputed digital partners such as Viafoura enable media brands to generate more engagement and grow their audience. 
  • By deploying advanced analytics tools, it’s possible to gain more insight into your readers’ behaviour. 
  • Besides publishing real-time content during an event, you can also send push notifications to the users so that they get to read the coverage instantly.

Providing an enriched content experience to your audience

Today, timeliness matters more than anything else when it comes to a news publication. Whether it’s a sports event, weather report, conference, protest, election, award ceremony, or court case, it’s imperative to make your information readily palatable. Live blogging fosters the publication of content in real-time.

Providing insightful content

Isolated conversations and real-time news feeds with no additional context won’t hold your audience for long. Simply communicating the developments in text format does not define live blogging either. Experts recommend delivering real value to your readers by filtering content, aggregating them, and posting content that would be relevant to your audience’s interests. Moreover, respective media brands can also integrate their own take and opinions into the content to provide a specific perspective. This in turn creates discussion, which helps increase your online engagement much more effectively.

Social and multimedia integrations

Working with the experts, media brands can decide whether a particular piece of information would be relevant to their audience or not. Accordingly, they can incorporate related information that would be insightful. 

It’s highly recommended to complement your live blog with a thoughtful evaluation and multimedia elements like video, audio, and social sharing buttons. This way, you can deliver better coverage to your audience.

Generate unique discussions

When it comes to engaging audiences, media houses often scramble to search for innovative content. Live blogging enables publishers to offer real-time content and provide the stimulus needed to begin conversations and share opinions

Live blogging can generate fruitful discussions that eventually make the media brand popular as a unique platform, not only for content but engagement and interesting viewpoints as well.

Moreover, publishing real-time content fosters social interactions like asking questions, retweeting, and commenting on different events. Live blogging can do wonders to strengthen your media brand and market appeal with the right approach.

Increasing your online engagement with live blogging

The very concept of live blogging encompasses publishing content in real-time. Thanks to push notifications, your readers can instantly access the updated content. Here’s how growing media brands are harnessing the power of live blogging to leverage digital engagement.

Live commentary along with news

News presentation in content form doesn’t make full use of stream video and what it’s capable of. Indeed, experts recommend integrating live commentary while publishing real-time content, as this would add another dimension of engagement, educating the readers on the developments, recapping important details, and sparking conversations, all along with the actual news.

A good example is when you publish sports updates during major tournaments – the provision of live commentary easily hooks your viewers. And the audience can feel included as a part of the action while commenting and interacting with each other.

You might consider providing short summaries of the developments along with photos alongside your live blog to provide additional engagement.

Shed light from a different angle

With online blogging, media houses and publishers enjoy the freedom to shed light on the development from a unique perspective. This offers a unique way to interpret events and present them to your audience. You can answer the big questions your audience is dying to know more about, and as long as you contextualize them properly, you can reasonably address and tackle even the most problematic issues.

Moreover, online publishers can directly respond to readers’ comments while delivering real-time content, letting you engage directly with the audience. You’d also have all your audience insights to assess what works and what doesn’t, and can adjust your positioning accordingly.

Cover high-profile developments

Regardless of the niche you focus on, real-time content publication bestows you with the freedom to cover high-profile developments in your way. Moreover, you reserve the freedom to decide how you’d present the photos, texts, along with other digital integrations. 

You might cover award ceremonies, artist performances, backstage shenanigans, and any other event that appeals to your readers. With professional support, you can establish your own cult of content presentation.

Create depth and value

As per a report published by Accenture, as much as 87% of people use a second screen while watching TV.  Regardless of what the topic or genre is, you can generate a great deal of additional value through meaningful interpretations and posts based on real-time content. 


Live blogging is powerful and continues to serve as an effective tool to grow your audience base. Additionally, you can deploy live chat, conversations, ratings, and reviews to craft a holistic digital experience for your audience. 

Of course, planning your real-time content publication strategy takes time, but with a little experimentation and analysis, engaging your audience can be a relatively easy and rewarding process.

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