Pirates Of The Caribbean 3 Omitted Its Own Davy Jones Backstory

The Pirates of the Caribbean films established a backstory for Davy Jones, even though Pirates of the Caribbean looked to throw many elements out the window: At the apex of the universe.

These modifications hugely influenced the storyline and characters, particularly William Turner, who replaced Davy Jones as captain of the cursed ship, the Flying Dutchman. The rule spared will’s life that whoever pierced Davy Jones’ heart would take on his mantle, but only if he cut out his heart and stored it away in a chest—something that was never supposed to be a condition.

Davy Jones (Bill Nighy) was introduced in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest when it was discovered that Jack Sparrow owed the captain money. Jones was once a man when his beloved, the goddess Calypso (or Tia Dalma), charged him with ferrying the souls of those who perished at sea to the afterlife.

As he accepted this job, he was barred from setting foot on land save for every ten years, when he would be reunited with his love—but she never showed. Enraged, Davy Jones chopped out his heart to avoid feeling the anguish again.

Davy Jones of the Pirates of the Caribbean did not have his heart removed since he was captain of the Dutchman.

Will Turner took up Davy Jones’ duty in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End and was depicted with a big scar over his chest where the cursed crew hacked his heart.

It appeared to be the final step in Will’s transition into the seemingly immortal captain of the Flying Dutchman. However, this makes little sense, given that Davy Jones’ choice to remove his heart had nothing to do with his function on the Dutchman. In truth, he had been captaining the ship for at least several decades when Calypso broke his heart and convinced him to remove it.

There was no regulation requiring the captain of the Flying Dutchman to store their heart in a box. Moreover, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest openly explains why Jones opted to rip out his own heart and how this action contributed to the man’s transformation into the tentacled beast portrayed in the film.

As a result, when Will Turner’s heart was severed in At World’s End, it felt as if Pirates of the Caribbean had forgotten its plot.

The survival of Will Turner in POTC 3 makes no sense.

Will Turner’s heart being torn out for no reason wasn’t the only component of his narrative in Pirates of the Caribbean that didn’t make sense. Will had been gasping his final breaths with Davy Jones’ sword thrust through his heart until he was unveiled (surprisingly clean and dapper looking) as the new captain of the Flying Dutchman.

Elizabeth was distraught, but as all hope seemed lost, Jack stabbed Davy Jones’s heart with Will’s hand. The cursed captain’s life ended immediately, and Will Turner’s was restarted.

Yet, there was never any evidence previous to this climatic scene that using a dead man’s hand to stab Davy Jones’ heart would bring them back to life.

Furthermore, it seemed somewhat naive to believe that the Flying Dutchman curse could be so simply defied and that Jack Sparrow (the one making all the choices) would not become the next captain. In the end, it was a pleasant conclusion to see Will survive—but he really shouldn’t have if the story was to make sense. It was exacerbated in Pirates of the Caribbean 5, where the curse was broken on a technicality.

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