The fourth season of Yellowstoneprobably was not what people expected it to be. However, in the end there was no way the 10 episodes would last up to the end of Season 3 and a conclusion that took over our screens with no less than 4 “Wow, did this super-beloved character really just die?” conclusion-line dramas. As soon as John, Kayce, Beth and Jimmy were confirmed as alive in about 10 minutes into Season 4 and a sinking sensation of being played with began to creep in. Do the Duttons (and as a result, their agent, Jimmy) heroes? Immortal? too big to fail? Do we ever expect penalties for anyone who is important? Do we not have the determination to go for the big one? While I am not mentioning my own bloodlust, the final episode of the previous season appeared to be a huge restructuring of the chessboard. Roarke as well as Market Equities and Market Equities, The Broken Rock Reservation (at the request of Angela Blue Thunder), and Jamie’s newly disclosed birth father Garrett Randall were all now in the same mix and left the Duttons facing various threats to their lives.

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These harrowing, multi-pronged fights appeared to be geared up to take the show’s quirky ethos (which resulted in an extremely entertaining and awe-inspiring ride even to naive Californians just like myself) to an extreme breaking point however, the result was not spectacular. In the end, it was disappointing that Broken Rock Reservation hardly played an active role in Season 4 save for helping with a few episodes with one or the other. Mo Brings Plenty is one of the most fascinating characters in the show up until the point of this episode was reduced to the knowledgeable Native who informs Kayce the significance of vision quests and the importance of wolves. Thomas Rainwater, the formidable and respected antagonist to The Dutton Crime Family, has been absent for the entire season.

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What do we really get? More B-rolls of horses and cows, as well as other tricks than the usual. Tim McGraw cameos. A guitar being smashed. A wise-cracking orphan who has an undercurrent of heart of gold no one asked for. Yes, Roarke suffered a bite from a rogue snake, and Garrett Randall will no longer be around to rant about chilly things at breakfast however, everything appears … identical. The show’s wildness as well as its zest and verve were put into an icy backdrop this season. The exception was Beth obviously. Beth was taken to the eleventh hour. If you’re a fan of Beth Dutton, Season 4 of Yellowstone was possibly the most enjoyable thing you’ve seen.

1: Days Since John Implied Beth Should Find a New Place to Live

Rip discovers Beth moving out in the middle of the night. in a state of shock because her father has finally expressed disappointment in her, with the main reason being Beth’s unmoral (and irreparable) manipulation Summer (and likely other things too). Rip uses a calm speech that causes Beth to reconsider her decision to leave the ranch in the middle of the night. She decides the option of confronting her dad (who was sleeping in bed, and, really, Beth, that’s just unprofessional).

Beth according to her personal way apologizes. This means that she apologizes, without admitting that she did something wrong. John Dutton, who never was a fan of the things his notoriously brutal daughter did, has become extremely focused on waging war in the right way and focusing on minimizing collateral harm (in this instance the case of a woman who he had a fling with). Beth promises to conduct it the way she wants to from now on. John says to Beth it’s hers This is fascinating, as just five minutes earlier the incident, he basically told her to leave the ranch.

10: Episodes It Took for Carter to Call Beth “Mom”

Beth is strolling through the stables in the morning when Carter while performing his chores related to horses is jolly and cheerfully saying, “Morning, Mama.” Beth responds “Hey, baby.” Then you realize she’s walking and not wrecked Carter’s whole day, but Beth is a staunch advocate for the idea that “a man must have a code” and her code is to be the most Bethesda Beth she is at any given moment. An expression of grief appears on her face when she is aware of the things she’s about to do. It’s not that she isn’t a fan of Carter. It’s not because she’s an obnoxious pedant. It’s the fact that she cannot have the child who thinks of her in the role of “Mom” because she isn’t and never will become a mom. Beth hasn’t been able get over her hysterectomy experience. In light of that, and the guilt she’s feeling for her role in the death of her mother it’s best not uttering”M” or the “M” word around Beth for the future five or six years. Poor Carter but. He was unaware of all of that. The only thing he is aware of is that Beth isn’t going to think of him as to be a son.

“Crying doesn’t help,” Beth tells him when he starts crying.

And then Beth asks Walker how she can steal a weapon from prison to kill a man. Classic Beth.

MQ7-L366: Jimmy’s License Plate Number

Jimmy triumphantly returns to Yellowstone where he meets his old friends in the Bunkhouse in the middle of an argument, but an amusing card game. Jimmy is able to appear exactly as his former flame Mia (with whom there is a bit of unfinished business) and wins the very last hand. This is Mia’s sole victory in the episode and possibly of the season, and possibly of the entire series. Mia is set to not succeed. However, she appears to be eager to see her former lover however, she is not till Jimmy presents Emily in her new home at the Bunkhouse for his new fiancée (!!!) and the vibe turns to Golden Age Jerry Springer.

“That’s gonna go over like a fart in church,” Jake (I finally got the name of this particular cowboy I’d like to hear you applaud) says prior to Mia and Emily begin beating the crap out of one another. First, Mia hits Jimmy and, in fairness, he was just a blindside in front of their family and friends. Then, it turns into an “Who loves Jimmy more?” fight, not the kind of thing that fans who have watched the show for a long time could have anticipated.

Jimmy isn’t happy with the two women he’s worried about beating the crap out of them however, he’s not fast enough to make any changes. Jimmy eventually gets Mia from the Bunkhouse after which Emily is able to win the respect of Mia’s family and friends in just 20 seconds taking a sip of whiskey, potato chips, and being completely unflappable. While I’m definitely Team Emily but it’s an unsettling conclusion for Mia who was never able to see the fully-formed, confident model of Jimmy.

75: Years Until Jimmy Can Get Married to Emily

The horrific confrontation is followed by Jimmy telling John Dutton the stallion the 6666 he gave John Dutton, Metallic Cat. We can see how Jimmy’s actions are evidently different. The well-meaning gangly dork is gone and a brand new (albeit still very gangly) cowboy is taking his place. He greets people with “sir” and “ma’am” and smiles thoughtfully. He’s gone through the fire (again and largely off-screen!) and has become someone whom many people no longer view as an insult. And despite the fact that the man has only had a stint in Texas for just a few months of television, he’s a Texas chili snob. He’s been constantly telling anyone and everyone that if beans are put in chili, it’s therefore not chili anymore. I love watching food its way down to Yellowstone.

In the end, Jimmy assures John Dutton that he’ll remain in his house until he pays off the debt and then he’ll be married. John jokes about the wedding taking place in 75 years because it appears that Jimmy’s debt has been accruing interest. But in keeping with John Dutton’s post-getting-blasted-by-militia-guns magnanimity, he cancels that debt. He informs Jimmy to go, or remain, to do what is his preference, but the latter is no longer in debt to him any money. According to what I’ve seen it’s all because of Jimmy appearing like someone with it all together however, whatever does work. Run, Jimmy! Find a location that won’t physically scare you forever!

1st: Born Son

Oh my, here we come. A deep cut. Kayce is shaking and suffering through hell on his terrifying search for vision, and who is in his mind’s eye? his brother’s eldest, Lee Dutton, who was killed the whole way back in the closing moments of the first episode of the program. Lee wears his Livestock Agent bulletproof vest he passed away in. Kayce’s smile is vast. He misses big bro. Lee was a simple Dutton child. The guy who was working his job. Not Kayce who is a war criminal. Not Jamie, the edgy dissembler. Not Beth the insufferable wind.

However, this is just a dream, and Lee isn’t Lee! “Lee” insistently attempts to enter Kayce’s prayer circle. Kayce is unable to accept. Shadow Lee starts screaming un-chill things and swollen mouth and then reveals that he is the kind of sleazy (the Coyote) that Mo Brings Plenty warned Kayce about. Then, a reincarnation of Avery calms Kayce by smooching him in the spirit and then disappears.

Then he meets an adorable younger Native American woman who might be also his Wolf (his spirit guide and protector) and takes her to a fork in the old destiny road.
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 He’s overwhelmed.

Then, he’s back in the home with Monica She asks him “What did you see?”

“I saw the end of us,” Kayce says in a dark way. The end of you two or the end of us? Clarify, Kayce!

10: Dollars per Conjugal Visit

Beth is studying the rules and regulations of conjugal visits in jail When she is visited by her Market Equities boss, Caroline Warner (Jacki Weaver) comes in to take a piece of her brain.

“I gave you enough rope to hang yourself,” she tells Beth with a furious sigh. Caroline assures her that Beth’s devious manipulative ways have earned her an adversary for the rest of her life (Caroline is, of course) and that she will spend thousands and millions ruining her. She takes it personally by promising she’ll build a public bathroom that is located near Beth’s house. The whole thing is hilarious because everyone has a single concern to ask Caroline Warner, the badass business genius: why did you choose to hire BETH DUTTON to begin with in the first to begin with?

15: Years on a Suspended Sentence

John Dutton pays a visit to the judge who is in charge of Summer’s appeal. It’s evident that they’re old friends. However, the honorable Mitch Davis (Pat Skipper) is one of those who takes his jurisprudence strict, often to the detriment of common sense, compassion, or the optics. John attempts to invoke Mitch’s compassion, revealing that, yes, Summer is an unknucklehead, but she’s an excellent person with noble motives whose actions in this case ultimately came down to pushing a man who was a police officer. The judge from the old school seems intent on smacking her, not just for her latest offense, however, but also for previous wrongdoings.

That’s precisely what he does after an exaggerated rant about the deterioration in the law of nature, or whatever, and then executing the most gruesome sentence of about 40 years. Summer is obviously shocked and confused, as she watches her life be taken off her by a person who evidently was beaten on the basis of a non-vegan at one time throughout his existence.

6: The Room in Which Riggins Was Supposed to Get His Conjugal Visit

Riggins the slender convict Garrett Randall hired to obliterate the Duttons in a flurry of explosions and bullets is taken to an area by guards who inform him that he’s on his way to a visit with a partner. Riggins is thinking, “huh what?” Isn’t it odd to you that someone could be allowed to organize a conjugal visit without the person who is actually in prison knowing about the arrangement?

In any event, Riggins is able to meet Beth and she’s trying to seduce, and later murder the man. However, it’s not long before Riggins’s confused mood causes Beth to look for other options and it’s not long until Beth realizes that her most hated sister (person) Jamie had already talked to Riggins. Instead, Beth proceeds to drop an ominous verse about the fact that Riggins can be a bad man who is likely to be a victim for a long period of time and end up in prison. Perhaps he already knew this?

1: Kidnapped Priest

Beth and Rip organize an extravagant wedding. all that’s needed to legalize it is one priest kidnapped (Jim True-Frost, who is also called Mr. Prezbo from The Wire). The wedding is a modest affair with, aside of the happy couple just John (father of wedding), Lloyd (best man) along with Carter (stall cleaning) are there. But, this union was a long time getting to. Rip finally can slip the ring that he snatched from the body of his mother to Beth’s finger. I love love.

3: Options Beth Gives to Jamie

Beth confronts Jamie at his workplace. The scene serves as a timely reminder of something that we forget less than 1% often: man, Beth hatesJamie.

She is a bit agitated that Jamie was aware that his “real” dad was behind the numerous attacks against their family. In addition to holding all the decks, Beth gives Jamie three choices:

  1. Beth will inform John Dutton about all this (certain death for Jamie).
  2. Beth will share with Rip the story of what Garrett did to her household in the past, and what Jamie was like to her then (super certain to die to Jamie). Or …
  3. So, what is it??

60: Years of Hell Garrett Randall Endured

After the horrific, humiliating incident in the arms of Beth, Jamie returns to his new residence and discovers him with his “real” dad, Garrett Randall who is sitting, looking at a stream and contemplating his future. It appears that he has plans to explore across the Earth and embark on a variety of adventures. As usual, and nobody would know if this is manipulative or if he’s actually one of those people who has a lot of sentimentalities, Garrett tells Jamie that 60 of his 61-years were filled with hell. It was only this year when Garrett and Jamie began to become friends did he care about a thing. He tells his son in his characteristic laconic drawl telling him the love of his life is with him. Jamie is then able to echo that exact message and then shoot him on the head. Oh, Jamie just shot and killed his father’s biological son without warning. It’s happened to us all!

To say that this episode was disappointing was an exaggeration. Jamie finds herself caught between two unstoppable forces was the heart of the entire season. Actually, it ought to have been the main meat. Garrett Randall was responsible for the attempt to assassinate the entire Dutton family, an incident that should have reverberated for longer than the two first episodes of Season 4. Jamie’s chance to stand out and to make a decision. However, Jamie shoots his father just to save his own skin. As someone who would like Jamie to be successful, there’s probably some reason to believe John Dutton’s view of Jamie in the show: “He is a disappointment and my greatest failure.”

The emotional impact of Jamie’s entire story–especially following the introduction of his biological father, was his only opportunity to map his own course and decide the Bad Dad he’d give his love to the snarky evil one who said nice things to him, or the emotionally naive dickhead who did not respect his son. It’s a dramatic story! It’s not Shakespeare Maybe, but Marlowe?

However, in the final analysis, it was Beth leaving Jamie no choice that shattered the entire season-long story. How far Jamie gets completely Reek remains the most unanswered issue in Jamie’s storyline.


Every wonderful (or awesome, to say the minimum) show has a “worst” season. It’s hard to say that this is the worst season for Yellowstone. I’m just hoping it’s not! The plot ambition and wit are there, just waiting to be discovered. The majority of people are decent and worthy of supporting or at the very least, taking note of. However, this season was an opportunity missed. However, it could be one of the elements of the larger plan and a deliberate sedate interlude before the story gets wild once more. It could become the pilot backdoor for Taylor Sheridan’s latest installment of his broader TV universe. It’s a half-hour dark comedy telling the story of a depressed person looking over Yellowstone according to the numbers.

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