The Golden Globe-nominated feature Swan Song starring Naomie Harris and Mahershala Ali is an amazing science fiction film that people will love to stream on Netflix.


Swan Song is a beautifully designed science fiction thriller written and produced by Benjamin Cleary who is Academy Award, the winner. The skillful filmmaker took home the Oscar Award in the category of Best Live-Action Short Film. which was awarded to him for his short film Stutterer at the 88th Academy Awards.

The full-length film of Cleary is actually a story about an individual whose name is Cameron Turner, played by Ali Harris . he is a husband and a father. he is suffering from a terminal illness but he tries to avoid his family from the sadness that comes with the fear of losing his son by having him substituted with a clone of his own. The two other actors with Ali in Swan Song are Awkwafina and Glenn Close.
Ali has been awarded an award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama during the 79th Golden Globe Awards. Keeping these efforts of the actors in mind we believe that Netflix viewers will not be disappointed for sure.


Is Swan Song available on Netflix?
we know that the viewers are waiting for Cleary’s thought-provoking sci-fi film on Netflix but unfortunately, Swan Song is not available on the streaming platform.
Let’s mention the other amazing titles of the genre of science fiction that are part of the renowned streamer’s huge library. Some of these books are The Midnight Sky, Space Sweepers, The Silent Sea, and Oxygen IO.


Where can I watch the swan song?
Swan Song which has been nominated for Golden Globes is only accessible on Apple TV.

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