Although it may not be something that people look forward to, the dentist visit every six months is one of the most important. We have some thoughts for those who are wondering about the value of regular dental cleanings and checkups.

You should weigh all possible consequences if you consider skipping a checkup due to cost, time constraints, or anxiety. The cost of not seeing your dentist regularly will be higher in the long term, both for your pocket and your peace of mind. These are the top reasons you should visit your New Image Dentaldentist in Los Angeles:

  1. Oral Cancer Detection

Oral Cancer can be a very serious condition that can manifest in many ways. Oral cancer can rapidly progress without being diagnosed early enough to cause serious complications. It is possible to treat the early stages of oral cancer.

These signs and symptoms can be recognized by your dentist. Regular dental checkups every six-month will increase the chance of finding oral cancer early.

  1. Plaque, Tartar, AndCavities

Even with daily flossing and brushing, small areas of the mouth can still be missed. Plaque becomes harder to remove, and can solidify into tartar. This is very difficult to get rid of without professional assistance.

Regular cleanings of the teeth prevent tartar from eroding or creating holes. This is how cavities form. Cavities don’t usually show any symptoms once they start to form. Once the tooth has decayed, it will only cause a minor ache.

  1. Gum Disease

Tooth decay can be caused by tartar and plaque buildup. It can also cause damage to the gum tissues. When tartar buildup causes infection at the gum’s connection to the tooth, the gum will pull away from it. Gingivitis is a condition that causes gum disease. As the infection progresses, the tissue that connects gums and teeth begins to fall apart.

It is known as gum disease once it reaches that point. There will be no swelling, bleeding, or soreness in your mouth. Gum disease causes the tissue that holds the teeth in place to fall out and also leads to the destruction of the bone. It is quite common for teeth to fall out or loosen at this stage. A dental specialist will need to take drastic measures.

  1. Keep Bad Habits under control

You may not realize that there are so many bad behaviors that can negatively impact your oral health. These bad habits include biting your nails and chewing ice.

Your dentist will check your mouth for oral problems and other issues when you visit for routine dental care. You can make lifestyle changes to avoid further damage by being aware of the most damaging habits. You can fix any damage done and make your mouth healthy again.

  1. X-Rays Can Help You Find Problems Below The Surface

Your dentist should visit you every six months to have your jawbone and teeth x-rayed. X-rays allow dentists to see beneath your teeth and detect problems that might not be obvious to the naked eye. This can be a problem such as impacted teeth. These are teeth that have grown in a way that prevents them from pushing through the gum line.

It is possible to pinpoint damage to the jawbone, as well as bone decay, swelling, and tumors. All of these are difficult to see without x-ray imaging. These and other serious oral problems must be identified as soon as possible to ensure proper treatment.

  1. Check TheLymph Nodes on Head And Neck

Your dentist will check your mouth, gums, and tongue for signs of oral cancer. They also examine your neck, jawline, and lymph nodes. These are located below your jawline and look for swelling, lumps, or other abnormalities. Your dentist may detect an abnormality and send you to the right medical professional.

Although swelling of the lymph nodes may not seem unusual or hurt, it could indicate that you have cancerous cells. Regular dental visits are a great way to reduce the frequency of your thyroid glands and neck being checked.

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