Sony TV’s president provides an upbeat update on the future live-action Spider-Man TV world. While Sony Pictures continues to expand its Spider-Man film universe, Sony Television is preparing to launch its own on television.

Sony Television revealed in 2022 that they would be teaming with Amazon and MGM+ on Silk: Spider Society for the streaming world. Angela Kang of The Walking Dead has been cast as the showrunner, and she will play Cindy Moon in her programme. Silk: Spider Society, on the other hand, is simply the beginning of what is intended to be a linked Spider-Man TV universe.

While Silk: Spider Society is still in the works, Sony TV will prioritise the Spider-Man TV world.

With Spider-Man TV programmes in the pipeline, Sony TV head Katherine Pope recently spoke with Deadline about the new franchise’s chances. When asked how rapidly the new universe will expand, Pope stated that it is one of the studio’s top priorities, giving the following:

While Sony TV has not announced which additional Spider-Man characters they want to use, this is a huge concept that might enhance the movies.

Even if Sony’s Spider-Man Universe hasn’t yet reached that point, additional films are on the way. However, the subject of Spider-place Man in this realm remains unanswered. However, with this new TV series, they might not even need Peter Parker.

The most important takeaway from the Spider-Verse, which has flourished in comics over the years, is the plethora of other characters. Silk exemplifies how they can create a new Spider-hero that is unique and has never been handled in live-action.

As popular as Spider-Man: No Way Home was, it also highlighted that Peter’s narrative has already been portrayed three times on the big screen. Connecting the TV shows and movies would only benefit Sony like Marvel Studios has its Disney+ series.

The programme’s popularity may also influence if Sony will eventually tie the Spider-Man TV episodes to the movies. More information regarding the live-action Spider-Man TV world should continue to emerge as 2023 progresses.

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