Tea is a pleasant beverage that is popularly served in both ways iced or hot, regardless of the season. Its advantages, however, go far beyond refreshment. Tea consumption has proven to be beneficial to one’s health in numerous studies. Tea’s ability to regulate blood pressure may explain why it has been linked to a reduced risk of stroke death.

The study authors observed that Green tea, in particular, is abundant in flavonoids, which are bioactive compounds that can lower oxidative stress and inflammation. They noted that it provides other health benefits however, more research is needed to discover if this conclusion is applicable worldwide.  

The Product  

The tea strips from BonAyu come in three varieties, each with a particular purpose: honey lemon rose (rejuvenate), original (focus), and ginger-peach (refresh) (energize). Each flavour (all of which are caffeine-free) is packaged in attractive packaging with eight strips.  

Returning to the packaging, the cases are fantastic. You may easily use your case to contain a few business cards, notes, or other ultra-thin stuff once you’ve finished your strips. The strips are extremely thin, making them easy to share.  


The strips are easy to use and can be dissolved in hot or cold water. You just need to place the strip in your mouth and it will dissolve within seconds! The tea strips have a particular flavour that is distinct from tea brewed from bags, but it is still delicious. 

  1. Tea is high in antioxidants.  

Antioxidants help to keep us youthful and safeguard us from pollutants by preventing the body’s equivalent of rust. Green tea is an excellent way to increase your antioxidant intake because it is healthier than black tea and so preserves more beneficial antioxidants. 

  1. Tea contains fewer caffeine molecules than coffee.  

Herbal blends contain no caffeine, but regular tea strip is healthy and does not contain any amount of caffeine. This means you may consume it without worrying about the negative consequences on the nervous system. Teeccino, a chicory root tea with a feel and flavour similar to espresso, is an amazing alternative if you’re considering converting from coffee to tea. Chicory root is also known to help with stress relief and is a prebiotic, so it may be beneficial to your digestive system.  

  1. Tea is prone to reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke  

There has been a lot of research done on tea and heart health. This is the health consequence for which most research has been conducted. Indeed, according to a 2016 study that combined data from several earlier studies, People who consumed four+ cups of green tea every day had a 32 per cent lower risk of heart attack and lower LDL cholesterol levels. 

  1. Tea strips may assist with weight loss.  

Ardine added that research on this isn’t as robust as it could be, and that trials that have demonstrated an effect have required significant doses of tea, frequently in pill form.  

  1. Tea strips may be beneficial to your bones.  

Green tea has been demonstrated to prevent bone loss in recent animal research. Moringa, a native South Asian plan, has long been prized for its therapeutic benefits and is now a popular superfood. Moringa is an incredible compliment to your usual green tea since it has more calcium, iron, vitamin A, and vitamin K than milk, which helps to strengthen the bones.

  1. Tea strips can help you maintain a bright grin.  

Tea has been found to reduce tooth loss by Japanese researchers. It changes the pH level in your mouth when you consume it, which could explain why you don’t get cavities. In addition, unlike other stuff, tea strips are completely safe and do not cause the degradation of dental enamel.

  1. Tea Strips may help to boost the immune system.  

Tea has been shown in experiments to assist immune cells in tuning up so that they can reach their targets more quickly. Because of its antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory characteristics, Ayurvedic practitioners have used holy basil or tulsi tea to stimulate the immune system after medical complications and diseases for centuries.

  1. Tea Strips could help in cancer prevention.

Studies on this topic are currently mixed, implying that more research is needed. Meanwhile, if you have a strong family history of cancer and want to do everything you can, you might increase your tea intake with the help of tea strips.  

  1. Herbal tea can help to calm the stomach.  

Antispasmodic herbal teas, particularly chamomile, Irritable bowel syndrome sufferers may benefit from it. Green tea strips can also help to get over nausea. With a ginger chamomile tea, you can get a dose of both.  

  1. Tea Strips are calorie-free.  

It’s a terrific calorie-free alternative to the traditional green tea variety of options. It can consume directly. You don’t need to add anything in it. You’ll never be bored — or miss the sugar — if you acquire green tea strip packs.  


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Bottom Line 

Bonney items have a unique concept that I admire. Nobody wants to tote along with tea bags and constantly looks for hot water. Their tea strips make it easier than ever to enjoy this delightful and relaxing beverage.  

I really wish there were caffeinated choices, though. If I have to choose between decaf tea and caffeinated coffee during a busy school or workday, you can probably guess which road I’ll take. However, I do like that the tea strips have numerous advantages, including selections for boosting energy.

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