Jenny Slatten has had both highs and lows in the 90-Day Fiancé franchise, with her treatment of Big Ed Brown winning the Happily Ever After? season 7 Tell-All.

Jenny has become a franchise regular alongside her spouse Sumit Singh since debuting on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way.

Jenny and Sumit’s love story was initially fraught with controversy because Jenny is three decades older than Sumit and in a completely different stage of life. Sumit has been catfishing Jenny for a year, and his mother refuses to accept the marriage.

On the other hand, Jenny and Sumit have won over some viewers by displaying what appears to be true love.

While on the set of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Jenny didn’t hold back in her season 7 Tell-All when ripping out franchise villain Big Ed, who was on his worst behavior during the four-part reunion.

90 Day Fiancé viewers praised Jenny for her snarky demeanor and passionate attitude as a result of this.

Jenny Slatten Wins Favorite of 90 Day Fiancé Fans Over Big Ed

“Wait, what the f***? “You guys, where did you find this guy?” says the dude. During the Tell-All, Jenny inquired about Big Ed. “Good question; where did they locate Ed? Jenny was fantastic in saying to Ed, ‘Oh, hell no. They wouldn’t even issue you with a visa.’ “I liked Jenny’s energy here; more of this is needed,” the Reddit user said.

One of the top commenters said they liked Jenny’s attitude because she didn’t care what Big Ed or anyone else thought of her. “Loved Jenny’s reaction,” one commenter said. Another commenter said Jenny’s speech against the franchise villain was a “mic drop” moment.

Jenny Slatten’s 90-Day Fiancé Has Fans

Though Jenny and Sumit’s relationship turmoil has gotten varied reactions, several users have stated that they like 90 Day Fiancé series figure Jenny because of her attitude.

“Jenny was always one of my favorite people. I adore her even more now. She’s tougher than the tough boys and sassier than the young chickens. Jenny, go!” one response exclaimed.

Is Jenny also a part of one of Happily Ever After? Season 7’s most effective relationships. Jenny, Sumit, Andrei, and Libby Castravet were among the healthiest couples on the spin-off show.

The Tell-All showed a significant occasion for Jenny and Sumit when Sumit’s father called in and announced he had finally approved their marriage. Sumit and Jenny are moved by the momentous occasion for the family, even if Sumit’s mother continues to reject Jenny. Jenny and Sumit are likely to return for future 90-Day Fiancé franchise moments.

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