You know the advantages of outsourcing your IT management and operations needs to a company that excels at Managed IT Services. With a team of specialists offering holistic, automated, and innovative solutions, you can focus on more than “keeping the lights on” — you can drive innovation, solve business problems, and tackle more challenging projects. 

But with so many companies offering managed IT services, how do you match with a team that will give you a competitive advantage? After reaching a stage where your organization can benefit from such services, you’ll probably realize that picking the right IT service provider isn’t a straightforward task. 

Here are some signs of a top IT solutions partner: 

1. They’re Experts

In a nutshell, the right Managed IT services provider will manage your environment and provide services like infrastructure, security, network, and application development via proactive maintenance. 

Work with a team like Softlanding that takes the time to understand your needs and offers a customized solution. The Canadian company delivers high-quality service and support through a collaborative partnership. Additionally, they run the same Microsoft technology as their clients, giving them unique expertise. 

Their clients consider them to be true partners, helping them achieve their goals, boosting efficiencies, and enhancing data and environment security. 

2. They Know Multiple Technologies

Whether you need on-premises or cloud-based Microsoft solutions your IT partner should know the following technologies:

  • Microsoft Azure: Experts in Azure can help you unlock the full potential of Microsoft’s cloud platform to build and deploy applications on the cloud.
  • Microsoft 365: Nowadays, you need a single productivity tools platform that’s robust, flexible, and allows your team to work from the office or remotely. 
  • Microsoft Teams: A gamechanger like Teams allows your workforce to communicate and collaborate more effectively. 
  • Microsoft SharePoint: Store and share data while complying with security requirements through Microsoft SharePoint. 
  • Power Platform: The four products in the Power Platform such as Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents help you customize, extend, and build all the apps, workflows, bots, and data analytics your business needs. 
  • Microsoft 365 E5 Security: E5 is a cloud-based suite of productivity apps that includes essential best-in-class security technologies for your business.

3. They Offer Several Services

A good Managed Services provider knows that every client has unique needs. They avoid a one-size-fits-all strategy. Here are some services to look for from the right team:

  • Around the clock IT Support, Monitoring, and Proactive Maintenance
  • Strategic roadmap planning
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Real-time BI reporting.
  • Cybersecurity. 
  • Backup management and monitoring. 
  • Cost optimization.

4. They Serve Multiple Industries

Look for a Managed IT Services provider that’s worked with different sectors to gain unique insights. An experienced company should have no problems providing cloud services, consulting, and Managed Services to organizations in industries such as accounting, education, finance, healthcare, insurance, public administration, legal, investment, energy, nonprofit, real estate, renewable energy, utilities, forestry, and much more.

5. They Support

In a competitive business environment, your organization can’t afford operational downtime. That’s why your IT solutions provider should be responsive and always on. Whether you need assistance with a straightforward or complex problem, you need support twenty-four hours a day. 

When selecting an IT services company, work with a team that takes the time to understand your goals and offers optimal solutions. Please also understand the service-level agreement (SLA) before choosing your IT Managed Service Provider. The SLA describes their role, responsibilities, the terms and conditions of the partnership, and much more.

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