Apple only debuted the M2 CPU with the updated MacBook Air and MacBook Pro last weekend, and it is already working on its replacement. Due to fresh sources, Apple will begin mass manufacturing of the M2 Pro microprocessor, which will be produced by TSMC on a 3nm technology.

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According to Jeff Pu, Analyst, Haitong Intl Tech Analysis, manufacturing will begin prior to the close of 2022, ensuring that it will be prepared for the next Macs at beginning of 2023. According to Pu, the upcoming M2 Pro microprocessor will be manufactured using a 3nm technology, which is a significant improvement over the 5nm technology utilized to produce the M2 and M1 Pro components.

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Multiple optimization processors and eight-speed processors are likely to be included in the upcoming M2 Pro motherboard. There are just double-performance processors in the present M-series motherboards.

The M2 microprocessor is a step up over the first-generation M1 technology included in the MacBook Air 2020 version. It boasts an 18.00% increase in Processor efficiency over the M1 and a 35.00% increase in GPU capacity. Upon the M2 system, users may potentially use up to 24GB of RAM. In recent decades, Apple has progressively transitioned most of its Mac devices to M-series plastics.

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It began with the MacBook Air, followed by the MacBook Professional, Mac Mini, as well as the iMac.The efficiency capabilities are probably anticipated to improve with the second-generation MacBook Air 2022 and MacBook Professional 13-inch versions. The opposition is certainly experiencing the pressure, hence because Intel and AMD are developing feverishly efficient CPUs that might compete with Apple’s M-generation processors.

Users are excited to examine the M2-based MacBook’s function, and in the following days, Apple will send the machines to testers all around the world who will subject them to rigorous testing to determine their usefulness. Apple’s enhanced M2 Professional and M2 Max SoCs will be updated editions of the M2 and will serve as next-generation alternatives for the M1 Professional and M1 Max SoCs, creating a gap for the M2 Ultra to fill later.

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