In the Nintendo Switch-only RPG adventure Dragon Quest Treasures, blue chests are one of three different colored treasure chests. In Dragon Quest Treasures, players can unlock colored treasure chests using the matching colored key they receive after completing Princess Anemone’s quest line. One of the game’s Adventure Quests calls for players to help certain characters—in this case, Princess Anemone—in this questline.

First, acquire blue keys for players to enter locked treasure chests. Players need to finish Princess Anemone’s quest line to get these keys. The Hinterquarters is where you can find Princess Anemone; however, getting there requires a monster with a Stealth Forte that is recruitable in Dragon Quest Treasures.

Dragon Quest Treasures: How to Get Blue Keys

Princess Anemone, who can be found in Dragon Quest Treasures, will instruct players to speak with her guards dispersed throughout the country of Draconia. Players traveling this terrain will encounter a few obstacles they must sneak past to avoid, which is where the Stealth Forte Skill comes in useful. Players can find Princess Anemone, a princess that appears in DQ Treasures within The Hinterquarters, using the map below after equipping the appropriate kind of monster with this skill, and begin the quest:

Players must speak with Princess Anemone’s three personal guards to learn the locations of stone monuments on the islands to begin Princess Anemone’s questline in Dragon Quest Treasures. You can find each guard at various train stations dotted around Draconia. Bloodleaf Boulevard Station is the location of the guard who hands over the blue key to players.

In conclusion, the blue chests in Dragon Quest Treasures are one of three colored chests that are locked.

Just like red or green chests can be unlocked with red and green keys, blue chests can be unlocked using blue keys. These keys can be found by pursuing Princess Anemone’s questline in Dragon Quest Treasures, which directs players to discover stone monuments manned by the Princess’ regal guards. Can obtain all three keys by speaking with all three guards, but the blue key can only be obtained by visiting Bloodleaf Boulevard Station in Cinderback Ridge.

After chatting with the guard at Bloodleaf Boulevard Station, will tell players to move toward a stone monument marked on their map. Players must look at the monument on this Dragon Quest Treasures island of Draconia to move on to the next phase of the quest. After researching the proper monument, players can see the same personal guard again, and in exchange, the guard will give them a blue key that will allow them to open blue chests when they are found across Draconia.

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