Vehicle protection plans have been offered in some capacity for a long time. More drivers are hitting the road and looking for comprehensive coverage if anything happens. That’s why vehicle protection plans are becoming more and more valuable.


What does a vehicle protection plan bring to the table? Many drivers might not know what they can get out of something like this. Red Shield Administration provides options for drivers needing help as quickly as possible. These are the top reasons people should spend extra money on a vehicle protection plan. 


Filling in Any Gaps in Coverage


Drivers must carry standard auto insurance to keep them and anyone they hit protected. Cars also come with a manufacturer’s warranty so that major components are covered if anything happens.


Both of these coverages are great, but they aren’t going to be able to cover everything. That’s where a vehicle protection plan can come into play.


Vehicle protection plans help out in numerous ways. Some of the essential maintenance necessary to keep the car running smoothly can fall under this type of coverage. This means that there will never be any surprise bills during the year. With complete coverage, drivers don’t have to worry about feeling like they are running any risk when they go out on the road.


Fast Response Time


Many vehicle protection plans try to provide speedy service so that customers are more willing to spend the extra money on this coverage. As an example, it’s sometimes much easier to go through a vehicle protection plan than going through a typical insurance company. Red Shield Administration is available 24 hours a day for customers to make an appointment and get exactly what they need.


If a claim involves an emergency, companies send out an alert to a representative right away. Customers will get a chance to talk to that representative to finalize anything necessary to get back into working order.


Plan Flexibility


No one wants to pay for coverage that they already get from another plan they pay for every month. That’s why plan flexibility is so crucial with vehicle protection plans. Top companies allow people to pick what they want to be covered, keeping the rates competitive.


Red Shield Administration has a customer service team that will work with individuals to get the best plan. It’s great to have extra peace of mind working with a company that knows what they are talking about to steer them on the right path.


Repair Shop Flexibility

A picture of a mechanic fixing a car with a vehicle protection plan from Red Shield Administration


Only the best vehicle protection plans have ultimate repair shop flexibility. This is crucial for getting repairs done correctly and getting them done on time. Most people have already developed a relationship with a repair shop nearby. They don’t want to go to a specific one because they’re part of particular coverage.


Red Shield Administration has always been very adamant about offering great repair shop flexibility. They don’t want to force their customers to feel inconvenienced because they have to go somewhere else to get something done. People have a certain level of comfort with their repair shop, and it just makes sense to stay with them.


Spread Out Cost vs. One Lump Sum


Most people love their cars, but they are ticking time bombs as far as something going wrong with them. Eventually, even the best vehicles in the world will need to have some repairs.


When that happens, it’s much better to have a spread-out cost instead of paying one lump sum. There are small premiums to pay for a vehicle protection plan, but it ensures that there will never be a massive bill in a random month—many people like having this ongoing cost instead of spending a ton of money at once.


Are There any Major Disadvantages to Vehicle Protection Plans?


Advantages outweigh the disadvantages of a vehicle protection plan, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some reasons to consider. Even if they don’t keep people away from ultimately getting a vehicle protection plan, it at least makes them think.

Seemingly Impossible to Get Full Coverage


Even with the best vehicle protection plans, not every single issue receives coverage. There will still be times when a person has to pay out-of-pocket repairs. Risk can be significantly reduced but not eliminated.

Monthly Payments Make a Car That Much More Expensive


There’s no way to sugarcoat that this is indeed another monthly payment related to driving. Between car insurance, gas, and the car payment itself, paying for a vehicle protection plan is hard to budget for in the eyes of many.


One way to combat this is to simply go for a cheaper car in the beginning and budget for this added expense. It might not be the suggestion a person wants to hear, but it at least allows people to stay within their means.


Are Vehicle Protection Plans a Good Investment Overall?


The positives outweigh the negatives with a vehicle protection plan. Most customers feel very satisfied as long as it’s purchased from a trusted company like Red Shield Administration. It usually takes one claim a year for the plan to ultimately be worth it for drivers. 

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