To build a successful brand, you need a solid team, motivated and engaged in their work. Every employee must feel satisfied with being a part of your organization. Working, no matter the amount of hours or the type of activities is exhausting. Therefore, business travel, which includes time for relaxation, is the best way to reward your team and make them keener on meeting your expectations and needs. Find out how to organize an integration trip in the company and what places you should consider by getting acquainted with our article. Let’s enjoy the read together!

Integration trips – the key to company’s success

The right atmosphere in the workplace is essential when you want your team to perform efficiently. It increases productivity, guarantees proper communication, and makes you more attractive in the eyes of possible stakeholders. Therefore, if you want a stable and motivated team, organize a business trip focused on both work and fun engagements once or twice yearly. People will get to know each other better, which they may not have time for during a typically busy day at the office while still handling the most critical business deals. Nonetheless, what is worth noting is that every integration trip needs to be carefully planned and will not occur within 5 minutes. How to organize it properly? And where should the event take place? Let us explain!

What to remember when organizing a business event?

The first and golden rule of planning a business tour is to begin as soon as possible, most preferably after determining the attendees. Even when your event is set to be relatively small, aim for at least one month in advance to prepare it. The sooner you start, the more options you will have and the higher chance you will be able to pull it off brilliantly. What is more, decide on the purpose of the trip and ask yourself the question as to why you are hosting it in the first place. It is essential to note whether it is more of a business tour with only a little time for relaxation or is set to be a period during which your employees can let their hair down and finally have some long-awaited fun. That will lead to concluding which place will be ideal for organizing such a trip, eliminating many possible venue options. Also, once you have secured a venue, make sure to determine a budget that will be enough to cover all essential costs.

The best place to organize an integration trip

Choosing the best venue for your integration trip may sound easy, but, in reality, it is not a walk in the park. After you have concluded the event’s purpose, you should know what kind of activities you want your employees to participate in: therefore, you can narrow down the list to a minimum. Lemon Resort & Spa will be the ideal pick if you are set on combining work with relaxation. The hotel, located in the Beskid Niski and integrated into the picturesque landscape of Lake Roznow, connects both design and modern architecture. Apart from spectacular views you and your employees can bask in, it offers a spa and wellness area with various treatments to relax your mind, soul and body. Your team can also enjoy themselves in the indoor or outdoor pool, a sauna, jacuzzi or salt graduation tower. What is worth noting is that there is no issue with holding a business meeting because the Resort provides a conference room of about 70m2 with modern multimedia equipment and wireless Internet access. It will feel less like working when talks go on in such a spacious and friendly environment. And after your meeting ends, you can all go to a restaurant and try some of the best meals of the local cuisine.

Happy employees are critical to the development of your company. The more you appreciate and reward them for their daily work, the more productive they will be. That being the case, organizing an integration trip once or twice a year is a necessity that can bring you lots of benefits. Note that it cannot be only a business event – there should be enough room for fun and relaxation. And there is no better place for such a trip if not the mentioned above Lemon Resort & Spa, the ultimate golden ticket to winning in your employees’ eyes. If you are preparing for such an event, contact the Hotel and book your stay as soon as possible so as not to miss out. Let’s hope you all have a memorable stay!

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