A new group of Navi, based on fire, who are fundamentally distinct from the Omaticaya and Metkayina, will be introduced in Avatar 3. By showcasing a different side of the moon Pandora, Avatar: The Way of Water expanded on the framework laid down by Avatar. Jake (Sam Worthington), Neytiri (Zoe Saldana), and their family were forced to leave the jungle and begin a new life away from their home because of Quaritch’s (Stephen Lang) pursuit of them. They finally relocated to the Metkayina clan’s home islands where they had to adapt to a new culture and way of life.

Avatar: The Way of Water introduced the island-dwelling Metkayina, a clan that diverged from the forest-dwelling Omaticaya in order to adapt to its oceanic habitat. They had green-tinged skin, thicker tails, finned arms, and a few other differences from the Omaticaya.

The element of fire “will be represented by the ‘Ash People,'” says Cameron in an interview with 20 Minutes, hinting at the appearance of a new Na’vi clan in Avatar 3 and beyond. It raises the possibility that Jake and Neytiri could encounter this new clan in the upcoming film. Cameron also teases that the Na’vi in Avatar 3 won’t be as positively represented as they were in the first two films, which is a fascinating revelation regarding the upcoming movie in the series. View the director’s comments below:

How will the Na’vi be changed for Avatar 3?

According to Cameron’s remarks, the “Ash People” may be the most hostile Na’vi clan to date, upsetting viewers’ notions of the native inhabitants of Pandora. While the Omaticaya were given a nuanced portrayal in Avatar, revealing that Neytiri, her parents, and other members of their clan had differing views on humans and other subjects, the natives were generally portrayed as having excellent morals while humans were cast in a more adversarial light. The human race is portrayed as the evil power in Avatar: The Way of Water, whereas the Metkayina people, despite having differing opinions on how to deal with the Sullys, are likable characters.

According to Cameron, even if Jake’s family continues to play a major stage in Avatar 3, the Na’vi will no longer be in alignment with righteousness. The “Ash People” may play that part, portraying the fire Na’vi as the movie’s enemies while making the human scientists or perhaps Quaritch’s son Spider (Jack Champion) the potential targets of the new clan. In terms of physical and cultural characteristics, the “Ash People” might have shorter hair, skin that is heat-resistant and tinted red or grey, and they might live in Pandora’s volcanic zones.

Avatar 2: Has Its Audience Been Found?

Avatar: The Way of Water has raked in almost $1.3 billion at the box office, which is astounding given how little time it has been out. Given that Cameron has hinted that the upcoming films will be breaking up the franchise’s formula by introducing more complex thematic aspects, new environments, and new characters, the future looks bright for additional installments, given the film’s excellent opening. The amount of acclaim that Avatar: The Way of Water has received from viewers, who have been vocal about their admiration for the film on social media, may indicate a lot of interest in Avatar 3.

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